Top 10 Dog Names for Girls

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There are a lot of great dog names for girls out there. If you've got a new bundle of furry joy, you are no doubt looking for the perfect moniker to give her that exemplifies her unique personality and spirit. If you're itching to run off and get a personalized bowl and leash for your little princess, these excellent names for girl dogs will give you somewhere to start. Take the names as they are, or play with them to make them your own. 

These names primarily fall into one of two categories. The first is people names that would be great for a dog. Your dog might share a name with a coworker or a distant cousin, but at the end of the day, we'll know your pup wore it better.  On the other hand, some names are just fun! You wouldn't want to call your daughter "Mocha", for example, but it's one of the best names for a girl dog. Cut loose with the expectations and find a name that fits your puppy best. All dogs are puppies at heart, so this applies no matter what stage of life your new dog is in. 


Bailey is a gentle sounding, two syllable name that actually means bailiff. This strong, but fun title would suit your big, but playful Newfoundland, or the stout Bulldog!


A popular tree, Hazel also signifies a reddish-brown coloring. This name would suit your reddish pup as she struts her stuff through the neighborhood.


Mocha conjurs images of a delicious, but dark drink, and is an obvious choice for brown Labradors, or other similarly colored pups who are nothing but sweet.
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If your girl flourishes in the hot months of the year, this lovely seasonal name may be just the perfect fit! Summer would suit an easy going pup who loves being out in the heat.


Any city name could be good for a girl dog, but there's just something special about Paris. A perfect fit for your chic and elegant pup.


This diminutive form of Cassandra it better suited for a pup than the full name, and would lend itself well to a playful and energetic dog, such as a Collie.


Maeve was a warrior queen in Irish legend. It's a powerful name for a girl dog with regal bearing, and lots of personality!


Your dog is worth more than riches to you. If your girl shines, put her value front and center with this cute and affectionate name!


This sweetly feminine name means shining light, and is pawfect for the sparkling furry girl in your life. Ellie is sure to be the life the dog park!


This pawrifically pupular name means 'to listen,' and can be used for a girl pup. It's adventurous and spunky, just like your playful doggo!