Top 10 Dog Breeds Suited for Hot Weather

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Living where the weather is continuously good is pawsome. Days of glorious sunshine and never a drop in the temperature means you can spend lots more time outdoors. But what if you're a furry pooch? They have to deal with the heat too. They can't take off their fur coat to cool down, and it's not much fun laying in the shade panting all day. If you're living somewhere warm, you may be asking yourself if there are some dog breeds that are more suited to hot weather than others. Well, yes, there are! Here are ten puptastic breeds that can thrive in hotter temperatures.


The puptastic Poodle ss a breed that copes well with hot weather. They can adapt to more or less any climate and are a preferred pet in some of the warmest places in the world. Poodles don't shed but can be clipped, so their fur isn't a problem when temperatures soar.

American Hairless Terrier

The American Hairless Terrier is a puptastic breed with little or no hair covering their stocky little bodies. They are a breed which copes well with hot weather because their lack of fur helps them dispel any excess body heat easily. They've got boundless energy too, even when it's hot!

Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds are small and long-legged, dainty dogs whose lack of bodyweight helps them deal well with hot weather. Their pawsome personalities mean they will still be full of life and energized even when the temperature gauge reaches three figures. The Italian Greyhound breed are puptastic dogs for hot weather.
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Pharaoh Hound

The slim and elegant Pharaoh Hound loves nothing better than basking in the sunlight. This breed originates from a Mediterranean climate and coping with hot weather is part of the breed's genetic make-up. The hound's short hair and large ears also help them regulate their body temperature when it's hot.

Australian Terrier

The Australian Terrier is a diminutive breed of dog which deals well with hot weather. These puptastically dapper black and tan colored pups resemble Yorkies, but are much hardier. They are short-haired and have a double layered coat which helps keeps them insulated against both the heat and the cold.


The Dalmatian is a puptastic breed of dog which doesn't mind when the temperatures rise. Their muscular build carries little body fat, and the white fur between those pawsome spots of their distinctive coat helps reflect the sunshine. They're furrific fur buddies for pet parents who live in warmer climates.


Chihuahuas are a toy breed who can adapt to just about anything the weather throws at them. This breed originates from Mexico, and is ideal for warm climates. You may even find them seeking out a sunny spot where they can lay down, belly up, to catch some rays!

Presa Canaria

The Presa Canaria is one of the few large breed dogs who know how to tolerate heat without getting a sweat on. These gentle giants originate from the Canary Islands where daily temperatures often reach over a hundred. A Presa just takes it all in their stride.

Australian Cattle Dog

The attractive Australian Cattle Dog can handle heat without even batting an eyelid. Bred to cope with the desert-like conditions of the Australian outback, these puptastic pups are heat busters. When the temperatures reach sweltering degrees, they'll still be raring to go for more walks when you're flagging.


The Basenji, a muscular, terrier-type breed from the African continent, doesn't mind the heat one bit. In fact, they love it. Used for hunting in their native lands, these pawsome pooches were bred for running under the blazing sun, and they won't say no to a walk when it's warm.