Top 8 Dog Breeds for Travel

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Whether you are going on a trip across the country or just across town, you may want to bring your pup along. They’re your best friend, after all, and will always be happy to join you. The best travel dogs are those that are easy to care for, small enough to fit into most places, and sociable enough to be around different kinds of people. Smaller breeds are easier because their crates are smaller, and they don’t need a humongous bag of kibble. Check out our list of the top breeds for traveling if you want to share your journeys with your furry bestie.

#1 Chihuahua

The Chihuahua does not need much exercise, and you can stick them in your purse or backpack if needed, so taking them in the car is easy. Their carrier is small and portable, so going on a plane is a breeze with this breed. Even if you decide to go on a cruise, this little travel buddy will enjoy it.

#2 Pomeranian

Since the Pomeranian is tiny, they can fit anywhere, whether in a crate or in your handbag, so you will find it easy to travel with these furballs. They really love attention too, so if everyone on the plane, boat, or in the car has to pet them, your Pom won’t mind at all.

#3 Dachshund

These friendly and funny pooches are easy to care for, and don’t need much room, meaning you can take them on a plane, train, boat, or car easily. Toss your Dachshund in a backpack and hit the road. Since they are curious and energetic, but laid back, traveling with them is a breeze.
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#4 Poodle

If you're going to the beach or lake, Poodles love to tag along for a swim, and will enjoy boating as well. Just make sure you get a doggy life jacket for safety. Smaller sized Poodles are happy to go in the car or on a plane too since they fit inside a small carrier or purse.

#5 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has an easygoing and carefree personality in the pawfect pint-sized package. Taking your Cavalier on a plane is simple because of their size and laid-back attitude, and they will love riding in the car with you and your other humans. Their lovable nature makes them social as well.

#6 Maltese

This toy breed is not only easy to carry along with you on a plane, but is personable too. With a long coat that doesn't really shed much, long hours in the car are much easier with this pup. These are people dogs, so as long as your Maltese feels included, they make excellent traveling companions.

#7 Yorkshire Terrier

This perky poochie is pawfectly adorable in a handbag, backpack, or carry-on, so you can go by air, water, or land without a worry. They’re sweet as can be, and their lovely looks make them approachable and petable. You may have to tell all the dog-lovers to back off, so you and your Yorkie can have some space.

#8 Labrador Retriver

Okay, so the Labrador Retriever is way bigger than the other pups on this list- but so is their sense of adventure! Good-natured and easily trained, these pups love car rides and exploring any terrain with you. If you are planning outdoor adventure, this dog wants in, and is up for anything!