Top 10 Dog Breeds with Long Coats

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Canine companions with long coats come in all diffurent colors, sizes, and shapes, and can make excellent companions, show dogs, or working dogs. From the huge Komondor to the tiny Maltese, doggos with long coats can be time-consuming, but are also fun and pawsitively beautiful. Some may be known for their long, silky coats while others for their thick and fluffy ones. If you are one of those pup lovers who enjoy brushing and grooming your little powderpuff, a long-haired pooch may be furfect for you. Here's our choices for the top 10 dog breeds with long coats.

#1 Komondor

The Komondor is number one because these huge 100-pound beauties are as unique as they come. And with their long, corded coat, you rarely have to brush or groom them. Their coat also protects them from the cold, rain, and snow while also being light enough for the summer heat. These smart poochies are also lovable, gentle, and make excellent herding dogs.

#2 Afghan Hound

This tall and dignified doggo is a beauty to behold, as well as a practical pup who can help hunt and herd. These pawesome poochies also love to be around kids and other pets, and have a ton of energy to work and play for hours. Their long, silky coat is thick and flowing, and protects your pup from the cold.

#3 Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus have been part of the Chinese culture since the Tang dynasty when they served as pets to royalty, but today, they are enjoyed as cuddly little lap dogs. These long-haired beauties are not just pretty; they are also furiendly and smart. At just under 10 pounds they can be carried around in a purse or backpack, so they can go with you anywhere.
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#4 Bearded Collie

If you want a medium-sized canine kid with the ability to herd as well as guard while still being a loyal family companion, the Bearded Collie may be furfect for you. Their long flowing coat is shaggy and thick, protecting them from the cold and rain. These doggos are also fun-loving and energetic playmates who love kids and other pups.

#5 Havanese

This petite pooch is under a foot tall and has silky soft fur that is easy to care for. They are known for their adorable fursonality and intelligence, as well as their lack of barking, which is unusual for a toy breed. These dogsters make excellent apartment pups, but they also enjoy running outdoors. These pups need a lot of grooming to keep their coat smooth.

#6 Rough Collie

Collies come in two varieties, a smooth, or short coat, and a rough, or long coat. The Rough coated Collie has long and thick locks, and is what most people think of as the look of the breed. These medium-sized Scottish herders are alert and loyal, but also fun and playful with the kids and other pets.

#7 Lhasa Apso

The lovely Lhasa Apso is a small dog of about 13 pounds with long silky hair that keeps them looking like a show dog. From the Tibetan mountains, this breed was a fave of the Dalai Lama, and their cheerful attitude makes them a favorite of families as well. They do tend to guard their home and family, but are lovable and cuddly too.

#8 Maltese

One of the smallest breeds with a long coat, the Maltese is considered to be hypoallergenic because they don’t shed and their coat is more like hair than fur. Their gorgeous coats only come in white, and they are sweet, gentle little poochies that enjoy being the center of attention.

#9 Yorkshire Terrier

This tiny Terrier is typically about six pounds, and their long coat is silky and smooth. They make great companion pets as well as hunters, and will keep your home and yard free of mice, rats, and other vermin. These fashionable pupsters enjoy going places and will fit right into your handbag or backpack.

#10 Bernese Mountain Dog

The longest-haired of all the Swiss Mountain Dog varieties, the Bernese is a formidable giant than can weigh up to 120 pounds! This super cuddly dog was bred to herd livestock and pull carts, but is just as happy to spend time with their family. Gentle and sweet, this pup is great with kids.