Top 15 Red Dog Names

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There are numerous names that are favorites for owners with red furry besties. One tip for naming your pooch is to pick a name that is the closest tone to the color of their fur. For example, a reddish pooch could easily go by the name Ginger. Many color names abound throughout history, and come from books, such as Molly from John Dies at the End, or from food, such as Merlot or Cinnamon. You can find names from nature, such as Garnet or Poppy, or take the name of a famous redhead, such as Disney's Ariel, or TVs Lucille. Look around you and you're likely to find many candidates of names to give your new red friend.

Another tip for naming your red-furred canine is to find a name that means red in a different language. Roja would be lovely for a lovely red girl. Of course, if your pooch reminds you of the properties of something that is known to be a reddish color, then this makes the name even more meaningful. For more in-fur-mation about the top ten monikers you can give your red-furred pooch, keep on reading.

#1 Nutmeg

Good for an auburn pup, this spice definitely evokes thoughts of holidays and warm companions. Pawfect for toy and small dogs, because a little Nutmeg makes everything better.

#2 Rusty

One of the most famous names for a dog, whether red or not, is the name, Rusty. If your pooch is red-furred, this gives the moniker even more meaning. 

#3 Ruby

If your girl doggo is one in a million, why not let the world know with this gemstone? Good for deep red-coats and stunning pawsonalities.
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#4 Brick

If your pooch is the protector of the family, then Brick is a pawrific name for them since bricks are used to build walls that keep the home intact.

#5 Sienna

This word is not only a famous Italian city, but also means orange-red. Sienna would be great for any brighter red coated pups, like reddish Golden Retrievers.

#6 Whiskey

Whiskey is an excellent name for a fun-loving tail-wagger that is red-brown in color. Just remember to keep your Whiskey under control when you decide to have fun with them.

#7 Copper

Another word reminiscent of a red-brown color is Copper. This pupular metal is soft and easily malleable, and is just the name for your sweet and obedient bestie.

#8 Fagan

Fagan means rusty in Gaelic. The name is unique for a red colored pooch whose name you want to stand out from all other red-furred canines.  

#9 Miaka

Miaka means beautiful red in Japanese, and is a woofderful name for a female dog that has red fur. 

#10 Henna

If your red pooch is more a brownish-red, try this exotic name from India. This dye is used for traditional temporary tattoos, but is just as fitting for your permanent four-legged friend.

#11 Flan

Flan is a baked dish with a sweet filling that is brownish-red in color. The name is excellent for a sweet doggo that makes you smile.

#12 Russell

Russel is an Old English word meaning red-haired. Sounding almost imperial, this name would suit a well behaved ginger pooch!

#13 Terra

Terra means ‘fired earth,’ and terracotta is fired clay which is typically brown-orange to red in color. It's also a catchy name for a pooch with red colored fur. 

#14 Sassafras

Originally used to flavor rootbeer, when brewed in a tea, sassafras is a deep brown-red color. This plant can double as a furrific name for your sassy red dog.

#15 Idouma

Idouma is the Greek word for red. If you are looking for a unique name for a red pooch, then this is the pawfect choice for a dog moniker.