Top 10 Dog Names in Philadelphia, PA


Philidelphia has a long history with man's best friend. The city of brotherly love has also become the city of dog love, thanks to the number of pet-friendly places and parks to take your pup while living in the city. European settlers brought their pups with them when they colonized the city and appreciated their hard work and labor. One dog, in particular, become famous in the city, Philly the Dog. Philly went with soldiers to France in WWI and not only gave the soldiers lots of love, but also protected them and warned them of sneak attacks.

Today there are over 350,000 dogs living in the city and with so many places to pamper and spoil them, it's no wonder Philadelphia has become such a great place to live with your pooch! There are so many dog-friendly places that have sprung up in the city since it was estimated that more than $66 billion dollars in 2016 were spent just on pets! Although Philly is the nickname of the city and was once a popular dog name, it doesn't even make the top ten! These Philadelphia dog names are the popular in this historic town.

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Bella is the top dog name in the city thanks to its roots meaning beautiful, loving, graceful. It's no wonder this name is so popular since these dogs live in the City of Brotherly Love!
Short, strong sounding, and rolls off the tongue well, this name is great for loyal or big personality pups. Dogs with these names will be sure to bring you your max happiness while living in this big city.
Luna is a gorgeous pet name for a pup who shines like the moon. Night or day, your celestially named gal would love to enjoy the dog-friendly parks and trails throughout Philly.
Charlie is a classic name often used in Hollywood that simply means "man." Whether boisterous or laid-back, this moniker will no doubt suit your fun-loving pooch who loves being by your side.
Lucy means born at dawn or a light complexion. Lucky lady pups with this name will be sure to get up bright and early to enjoy a full day of fun and a treat at the Cake Life Bake Shop in the city.
Cooper is a name that means barrel maker and is a pawsome fit for laidback and relaxed dogs. Don't keep your chill pup cooped up all day, and get outside and explore this pawsome city's parks and trails!
It's no surprise that a popular dog name is Buddy. This pawrfect dog name suits any male dog who loves to be your best Buddy eating and playing in the dog-friendly downtown area of Philadelphia.
Thanks to the Philadelphia based movie, Rocky has become the basis of many dog names in the city. Although it makes a great name for energetic pups, it's probably best to take your bruiser out to one of Philly's 14 dog parks than the boxing ring.
This unisex names means berry clearing or bailiff, and would be perfect for the furry food connoiser or protector in your life! If its the former, enage their palate at the dog-friendly Good Karma Cafe.
This common flower name also means "day's eye". With a name like that, you know your delicate furry flower will be up as soon as the day breaks to get breakfast at the dog-friendly White Dog Cafe.