Top Cat Names of 2020 in Canada

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Canadians are cat people, with over a third of all households home to a feline friend — that's over 8 million cats across the Great White North! With adoptions at record levels throughout 2020, more Canadians have a little lion running around their adobe than ever before. 

Want to name your new kitten something classic? Or maybe you're looking to avoid naming your cat something common? We've compiled a list of the most "pawpular" cat names of 2020 in Canada to help you name the newest addition to your furry family.


Originating in Eastern Europe, Milo is the ideal name for a tiny tiger that's cool, calm, and collected. It's also cute and a bit more unusual than many of the most common cat names. The name Milo has exploded in popularity to become one of the top male cat names of 2020 in Canada.


Charlie is the ideal name for a male cat. It's classic, cute, and suits cats of all shapes and sizes. Plus, if you get annoyed at your pint-sized panther, you can adorably call them "Charles."


This name has gathered momentum over the years, partly thanks to the 1988 Disney flick Oliver & Company. Many cat parents shorten Oliver to Oli and reserve Oliver for formal occasions. It usually makes the top 10 most popular cat names.

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Is there a more iconic cat name than Leo? Leo originates from Latin, and "litter-ally" means lion. Leo's the ideal name if you have a spicy feline or a cat with a big fluffy mane. It's also a fitting name for a cat born in late July or August.


Usually shortened from Maximilian or Maximus, Max is a mainstay on lists of popular cat names. It's short, simple, and sweet. It also makes a good name for a female cat and can be shortened from Maxine.


Latin for "moon", Luna has become one of the most popular names across North America. It's spooky yet sweet and has become even more popular thanks to the Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood. There's no better name for a white cat that shines like the Moon!


If you're looking for a no-fuss name for your kitten, consider Bella. Bella means "beautiful" in Italian, perfect if you think your kitten is the cutest. Plus, whenever your new kitten meows at you, you can greet them with a "Ciao Bella!"


Another name that's stayed popular because it's sweet and straightforward. Lucy means "light" in Latin. Lucy is one of the most popular cat names of all time and is perfect for an effeminate female cat that brightens your day.


Similar to Lucy, Lily is a popular name with plenty of staying power. It's ideal for a dainty white cat. While Lily may be one of Canada's most popular cat names, ironically, lilies are very toxic to cats and should be kept far away from felines.


One of the time classics, Nala has been one of Canada's most popular cat names since the release of Disney's The Lion King in 1994. While Simba may have missed out on the top 10 cat names in Canada, Nala is sticking around and is likely to still be popular in years to come.