Top 10 Dog Breeds with the Best Teeth

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Nobody likes having tooth trouble, and you certainly do not want your little furever friend to have it either. When choosing the right pup for you, know that there are certain breeds who are genetically predisposed to dental problems, such as small and toy breeds who cannot fit all 42 teeth comfortably in their tiny mouths. Narrow muzzled breeds, like Collies and Daschunds, can develop periodontal pockets which can lead to infections, and be subject to overbites too. Those smooshed faces we so adore in Pugs and other brachycephalic dogs are also prone to tooth problems. If you are looking for a pup whose teeth will last with regular brushings and cleanings, check out these top 10 breeds with the best sets around!

#1 Labrador Retriever

While Labradors and other large active dogs can literally fracture their teeth by chomping too hard on tough objects, genetically, they have pawsome teeth that all fit in comfortably . So long as you regulate what your pup chews, this most pupular breed will be a healthy and happy furry bestie!

#2 German Shepherd

Known for their work as guard, police and military dogs, these tough Shepherds make confident and loyal sidekicks. They are great family dogs too, and are very smart. With their entrancing stare and need to please, its no wonder these dogs have gained second place of the most pupular dogs in the U.S.

#3 Golden Retriever

This pawtastic family dog enjoys doing whatever you do, wherever you do it. With a laid back fursonality, and lots of playful energy, your Golden can maintain a healthy set of chompers, so long as you watch that chew instinct. And with their compassion and amazing scenting abilities, these pups make excellent service dogs too!
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#4 Rottweiler

The Rottie has definitely gained a reputation for hard work and a menacing fursonality, but these pups are truly lovable. While it is true that they are a favorite for police, military and guard work, they are also affectionate and clownish with their family, and are great with kids too!

#5 German Shorthaired Pointer

The pawfect pointing ability of the German Pointer is legendary. These pooches are furrific hunting partners since they can scent, as well as point because of their Bloodhound ancestry. These talkative pups also make lovable and loyal companion pets due to their easy going and need to please personality.

#6 Siberian Husky

The pawsitively gorgeous Siberian is known for their thick fur, beautiful blue eyes, super intelligence, and fun fursonality. Their coat is super soft and can keep them warm in even the coldest weather. Although they were bred to be sled dogs, these pups are typically kept as family pets or show dogs nowadays.

#7 Doberman Pinscher

Another hard working breed is the Doberman, which are renowned for their skills in police, military, and search and rescue work. This sleek coated pup does need training to keep their protective instinct in check, but with their affectionate and loyal natures, they can make woofderful family dogs.

#8 Bernese Mountain Dog

This gentle giant is easy to fall in love with. Berners are affectionate, playful, and patient with kids, and have gorgeous tri-color coats and deep brown eyes you can get lost in. Their imposing stature may seem intimidating, but this big doggo is really a softie. With regular maintenance, they can also keep a healthy set of chompers throughout their lifetime.

#9 Vizsla

Known as the ultimate Velcro dog, the Vizsla sticks to their person's side due to their training as a hunting companion. They are happiest when with their people, and love outdoor activities. They do have a need to chew, so be sure to monitor what your furry bestie chomps to keep those teeth in good shape.

#10 Newfoundland

The Newfie is a water dog with webbed feet and water resistant coats, and can rescue full grown people from drowning. Though they are huge dogs, they are sweet and gentle, and very patient with the little humans. These laid back family pups are calm and lazy indoors, but can be quite active outside where they love to swim.