Top 10 Dog Breeds in Washington DC

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As America’s capital, Washington D.C. is definitely a happening place.  Most people think of this pawsome city as one filled with museums, monuments, tight security, and crowds. But did you know it is also brimming with four legged residents and visitors? With a plethora of dog friendly parks, hotels, restaurants, and shops, this place will keep your pup busy for days on end. Patriotic pups are even welcome to explore the National Mall.  As they trot around D.C., doggos will be captivated by the sights, sounds, and history of this magnificent muttropolis. While a variety of pups can be spotted around town, there are 10 breeds that are particularly pupular in D.C. 

#1 Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever….the quintessential family dog of America. Their kind eyes and ever wagging tail melts the heart of anyone they meet. In a heavily populated city like D.C., it’s important to have a dog that will mind their manners and get along with all kinds of people. No wonder residents prefer Golden Retrievers! 

#2 Pit Bull

Despite the negative stereotypes associated with them, Pit Bulls get a lot of love in DC, coming out as one of the most prefurred canine breeds in the nation's capital. And the feeling's mutual—Pitties love people and are big cuddlers! They also enjoy exercise, which they can get at the city's many dog-friendly parks and trails!

#3 Lab Mix

It’s easy to see why folks living in D.C. adore lab mixes. You just can’t go wrong when the upbeat temperament of a lab combined with the pawsome characteristics of another breed. Labradoodle, Labrakita, English Bullador, Labradane, or Aussiedor are all just fancy names for dogs with a bit of Labrador love mixed in. You’ll find these pups walking along the Potomac any day of the week.
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#4 Mutt

Pound puppy, Heinz 57, mixed breed, or hybrid are all names that fondly refer to mutts. You may not know exactly what combination of breeds your doggo is, but you do know that they have stolen your heart. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and temperaments, but one thing is for sure, any mutt would be woofin’ happy to take a stroll through historic Georgetown. 

#5 Goldendoodle

With floppy ears and friendly faces, Goldendoodles can warm just about anyone’s heart. If you are a Goldendoodle pup parent in DC, make sure you live in close proximity to a green space. Your pooch will need regular exercise to keep boredom at bay, and this park is the pawfect spot for some doggie cardio.

#6 Chihuahua

Sometimes big city living is easier when you have a small canine companion. That’s where the Chihuahua comes in. From nesting in a tight space to walking around the city’s crowded streets, this breed is an ideal size for compact living. Bring your pint size pup along for yappy hour or a laid back dinner at one of D.C.’s many pet friendly restaurants. 

#7 Labrador Retriever

Since Labrador Retrievers regularly top the list of most pupular breeds in America, it’s no surprise that this friendly breed is a favorite choice for those living in D.C. When spring rolls around, take your lab for a walk in the Tidal Basin to check out the puptacular Cherry Blossoms. As a social creature, your pal will love mixing and mingling with all the visitors. 

#8 Shih Tzu

Who can resist the sweet little face of a Shih Tzu? Apparently not many D.C. residents. This furry critter comes in as the 8th most pupular breed in Washington D.C. These petite pooches are ideal for apartment living or for homes with little to no yard. After a long day at the office, you’ll gladly welcome a snuggle from this tiny pup. 

#9 Beagle Mix

What is a Beagle mix you may ask? Anything from a Puggle to a Bagel, or a Poogle to a Beashund. Whatever the combination may be, they’ll likely have long ears and a loyal heart. Washington D.C. pet parents are drawn to their fun loving personalities and happy-go-lucky dispositions. Walk around town with your Beagle Mix, and you’re sure to get plenty of smiles.

#10 Yorkie

Another toy size breed, the Yorkie, or Yorkshire Terrier if we’re been proper, is the pawfect option for urban dwelling. This petite pooch is friendly and a furrific size for accompanying you as you explore the city. And, although their bark may not be ferocious, their brave nature makes them great little watch dogs.