Afghan Hound

40-50 lbs
Middle East, Afghanistan, Persia
Tazi, Baluchi Hound, African Hound, Shalgar Hound

The Afghan Hound came from the cold mountains in the Middle East and expanded from there to Persia and Afghanistan. They have long, thick flowing hair to protect them from the sub-zero temperatures. They come in many different colors such as gold, brown, white, and black. According to the American Kennel Club, the Afghan Hound is the 113th most popular dog breed in the United States. They have a high energy level and they are big dogs so they need a large fenced-in yard to play in. Apartment life would not be recommended. They were originally bred to flush out rabbits and gazelle for hunting with nomadic tribes but now they are mostly kept as companion pets.

purpose Purpose
hunting rabbits and gazelle
history Date of Origin
ancient times
ancestry Ancestry
saluki (persian greyhound)

Afghan Hound Health

Sketch of Afghan Hound
Average Size
Male Afghan Hound size stats
Height: 24-29 inches Weight: 44-60 lbs
Female Afghan Hound size stats
Height: 22-25 inches Weight: 40-50 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Demodectic Mange
  • Cataracts
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Thyroid
  • Corneal Opacities
Minor Concerns
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Retinal Dysplasia
  • Glaucoma
Occasional Tests
  • Eye
  • Hip X-Rays
  • Heart

Afghan Hound Breed History

The Afghan Hound is thought to be one of the oldest of the domestic dog breeds, dating all the way back to 4,000 BC when they stayed hidden in the mountains of Afghanistan in the Middle East. That is where it got its name. However, the breed was brought to Britain by the British soldiers in the 1920s and then to the United States in 1926, when the breed was officially recognized by the AKC. There are 13 different types of Afghan Hounds recorded in Afghanistan and they won Best in Show at the competition in Westminster in 1957 and 1983. Because they are naturally excellent hunters, they were used thousands of years ago by the nomads in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to hunt large game. According to the AKC, the Afghan Hound was able to take down both small and large animals such as antelopes and leopards by grabbing them by the neck. It is said that this breed was commonly owned by leaders of war such as Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. Interestingly, Zeppo Marx of the Marx Brothers was one of the first owners of Afghan Hounds in the United States. Another interesting fact is that the Afghan Hound became extremely popular in 1981 after Mattel introduced Barbie’s pet Afghan Hound named Beauty. In addition, the first dog to be cloned was an Afghan Hound named Snuppy. This was done in 2005 in South Korea by using skin cells of a three-year-old Afghan Hound and 123 surrogate mothers. There were three successful pregnancies. However, one was a miscarriage and the other died of pneumonia right after birth. Snuppy was healthy and lived to be 10 years old.

Afghan Hound Breed Appearance

Beautiful and elegant, the Afghan Hound exhibits grace in movement, and speed when on the run. Their coats are thick and shiny, giving the breed a luxurious look. Agile and sleek, the Afghan Hound has a high pelvis that adds to their already very distinct look. A narrow face sits atop an elegant, fluid body. The ears are long and pendant so care must be taken to inspect and clean them often; this can be done when brushing the coat. Colors of the silky coat can vary greatly and include nine distinct shades according to the AKC. Black and tan, cream, and silver are three of them. Markings can be described as a mask.
Appearance of Afghan Hound
Eye Color Possibilities
brown Afghan Hound eyes
Nose Color Possibilities
black Afghan Hound nose
Coat Color Possibilities
black Afghan Hound coat
red Afghan Hound coat
cream Afghan Hound coat
blue Afghan Hound coat
silver Afghan Hound coat
white Afghan Hound coat
Coat Length
Short Medium Long
Coat Density
coat density
Sparse Normal Dense
Coat Texture
coat texture
Afghan Hound straight coat texture
Straight Wiry Wavy Curly Corded

Afghan Hound Breed Maintenance

The Afghan Hound needs a lot of maintenance because of their long, silky, and thick coat. You will have to brush your Afghan Hound every day and do a thorough brushing and grooming at least once a week. This includes removing numerous mats and tangles in the fur individually and carefully, using a fine-toothed comb, pin brush, and slicker brush for Afghans. It makes it easier if you bathe your dog with special shampoo and conditioner before grooming. Brush your Afghan Hound from the skin out, using a blow dryer on the low setting to part the hair. Pay special attention to the armpits, between the toes, and behind the ears. Inspect the ears well because they have a tendency to get infected since they are pendulous. Brush your Afghan Hound’s teeth daily as well for good dental health. A house with a big yard is a great place to raise your Afghan Hound. If you live in an apartment, you will have to take them on an extra-long walk every day. In addition, you need to feed them a high-quality dog food as directed by your veterinarian.
Brushes for Afghan Hound
Pin Brush
Pin Brush
Slicker Brush
Slicker Brush
Nail Clipper
Nail Clipper
Brushing Frequency
fur daily fur weekly fur monthly
Afghan Hound requires daily brushing
Daily Weekly Monthly

Afghan Hound Temperament

The Afghan Hound is a good family dog and tolerates children (with supervision) and other pets well although they are not overly playful. They prefer to remain aloof and tend to watch the antics of children and other family pets rather than join in. Although, they do seem to like to chase cats a lot when outdoors so keep them on a leash. They are also usually very wary and standoffish with strangers. It is good to let them get used to a new person before trying to introduce them. This is an independent and sensitive dog that is not overly demonstrative and they have been known to tear up some property if left alone too long. Your house should be childproof for your Afghan Hound due to their intelligence. The Afghan Hound is easy to train and very smart, learning things quickly. In fact, they may teach you a little something.

Afghan Hound Activity Requirements

The Afghan Hound is a breed that needs to be kept active to be at their best. Owing to the fact that their natural instincts are to run and hunt, agility classes and plenty of time at the dog park will be fun for your dog. However, obedience training sessions should be consistently attended along with the leisure activities as this breed, though smart, has an independent spirit that may need to be kept in check. A busy dog is a happy dog, and the Afghan Hound is no exception.
Activity Level
low activity medium activity high activity
Low Medium High
Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week
8 miles
walk mileage
Minutes of Activity Per Day
45 minutes
activity minutes

Afghan Hound Popularity

Popularity ranking
Popular Hybrids
Afghan Hound
Afghan Hound
Afghan Chon
Afghan Hound
Bichon Frise
Afghan Chon
Afghan Hound
Labrador Retriever
Doberman Pinscher
Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Food Consumption

Cups Per Day
3 cups
cup per day cost cup per day cost cup per day cost
Daily Cost
$2.75 - $3.00
food bowls daily cost
Monthly Cost
$80.00 - $90.00
food bag monthly cost

Afghan Hound Height & Weight

6 Months
Sketch of Afghan Hound at six months
Male Afghan Hound size stats at six months
Height: 24.0 inches Weight: 40.0 lbs
Female Afghan Hound size stats at six months
Height: 21.5 inches Weight: 35.0 lbs
12 Months
Sketch of Afghan Hound at 12 months
Male Afghan Hound size stats at 12 months
Height: 26.0 inches Weight: 47.5 lbs
Female Afghan Hound size stats at 12 months
Height: 22.5 inches Weight: 40.0 lbs
18 Months
Sketch of Afghan Hound at 18 months
Male Afghan Hound size stats at 18 months
Height: 27.5 inches Weight: 50.0 lbs
Female Afghan Hound size stats at 18 months
Height: 24.5 inches Weight: 47.5 lbs

Top Afghan Hound Breeders

Check out who made our list for the most reputable Afghan Hound breeders of 2023.
Top Afghan Hound breeder Shining Mountain Afghans
Shining Mountain Afghans
Loma, Montana
Top Afghan Hound breeder Inisfree Kennels
Inisfree Kennels
Saint Michael, Minnesota
Top Afghan Hound breeder Winterberry Afghan Hounds
Winterberry Afghan Hounds
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Top Afghan Hound breeder Adorah Afghan Hounds
Adorah Afghan Hounds
Burleson, Texas
Top Afghan Hound breeder Kominek Afghan Hounds
Kominek Afghan Hounds
Limestone, Tennessee
Top Afghan Hound breeder Sankhya Afghans
Sankhya Afghans
Darnestown, Maryland
Top Afghan Hound breeder Jolie Afghan Hounds
Jolie Afghan Hounds
College Grove, Tennessee
Top Afghan Hound breeder Dragonfly Afghans
Dragonfly Afghans
Monroe, Connecticut
Top Afghan Hound breeder Gabriel Afghan Hounds
Gabriel Afghan Hounds
The Woodlands, Texas
Top Afghan Hound breeder Komar Afghan Hounds
Komar Afghan Hounds
Liberty Hill, Texas

Afghan Hound Owner Experiences

3 Years
2 People
Walks through the neighborhood. A romp at the dog
I’ve had Afghan Hounds my entire life. I’m 60 now. I first got one because my sister was asthmatic and it was the only breed that didn’t set her off with an asthma attack. The breed is like the “cat of dogs”. It requires a sofa and a window with sunshine to lounge in. Once outdoors they love to run freely. They are sprinters and love the dog park. Love car rides and going long with me on my day. I must say they don’t mind being alone on the sofa. Very nice independent sometimes aloof. Not a licker. Doesn’t play frizby or fetch. They are great apartment dogs as we all recognize them in movies walking out of Manhattan apartment buildings. Intelligent. Not food driven so training is an art form. I adore this breed.
1 year, 8 months ago
1 Year
5 People
House & Yard
Dog-friendly events
Nose work
Go to Beach
Cheju is extremely aggressive around stranger but is protective and loyal around familiar facer and families members.Cheju also like to be groom a lot but it's not everyday we groom him.he also like likes to be pet and get along very well around other animals
2 years ago
2 Years
I was not aware that Afghans were such an aggressive and territorial breed. When I first walked the Afghan, I had a call with the owner and had to be warned that I had to calmly enter the apartment and she had to be there to introduce me to the dog. Even with the owner there, it took over 10 minutes for the dog to calm down. I had to be with the owner for about 5 different times before being able to enter the apartment alone. As they are the closest relatives to wolves and bred as village attack dogs, they have a very aggressive and territorial nature. Once the dog warmed up to me, it fully trusted me and was very loving, but the road to get there was a long one.
5 years, 9 months ago
6 Years
2 People
House & Yard
My. Afghan is 101.8 pounds. Not fat very tall and big boned I have never heard of an Afghan being this big. Is this a special breed. That would get that big
3 years, 1 month ago
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