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35-45 lbs
Middle East
Gazelle Hound, Arabrian Hound, Persian Greyhound, Tanji, Persian Sighthound, Arabrian Saluki

The Salukis are reserved dogs and can be shy if they are not used to mixing with people. They are one dog that needs plenty of contacts and handling with people to get them used to strangers. They are intelligent dogs and incredibly fast – they can run as fast as 30 to 35 miles per hour. The instinct to hunt is very strong, and they will pursue anything furry thing that moves regardless of what you say, which is why a leash is a must for these dogs when out walking. They don’t mix well with other pets like cats or rabbits, as to your Salukis they are prey, but they do mix well with other quieter dogs. The Salukis thinks for themselves, yet can be effectively trained, just don’t expect perfect obedience as you might have with other dogs as they are not designed that way. They can get bored; if this happens, they will get distracted and do other things disregarding all your orders. Beautiful dogs, with impeccable grooming habits, they make excellent companions for the strong owner. They are good with older children, as a young Salukis can be too active for a young toddler, but they are good natured dogs at heart.

coursing hare and gazelles
Date of Origin
2100 BC
sighthound, greyhound-like dog

Saluki Health

Average Size
Height: 23-28 inches Weight: 45-65 lbs
Height: 23-24 inches Weight: 35-45 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Heart Problems
  • Cancer
Minor Concerns
  • Allergies
  • Anesthesia Sensitivity/Allergy
Occasional Tests
  • Cardiac
  • Blood Test
  • Physical Examination

Saluki Breed History

These dogs were considered a prize animal and graced many royal households including the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt. The Saluki suits its royal history, with it’s elegant, graceful and dignified looks. It is a dog that has been prized not only for its good looks but also for its hunting ability. The name came from the Arabian town of Seleucia, an ancient city that no longer exists today. The Saluki was bred and worked in the desert, living alongside the nomadic tribes. Their mummified remains were found in the tombs of the Pharaohs, and today the Bedouin people who consider them clean animals because of the dog’s tendency to groom itself thoroughly is one of the few highly regarded animals allowed to share their tents and homes. In the 12th century, it was introduced into Europe, and in 1840 they found their way to England. Their popularity took hold in the early 1920s with officers returning from the war in the Middle East/ Arab revolt and brought their pet Salukis home with them.

Saluki Breed Appearance

Extremely graceful and athletic, these hounds have glossy coats and fine silky feathering on their ears and tail. Their heads are long and narrow, and they have well defined stops and broad skulls which are slightly domed. With large expressive eyes that are nicely set and dark in color, their face also sports noses that are black and large and very pointed. The keen shape of their heads gives them an alert expression, and they have feathered ears that lie close to their cheeks.  The breed has a surprising strong jaw with a perfect scissor bite where the upper teeth overlap the lower ones. The Saluki has a long muscular neck which arches gracefully, and their sloping shoulders are broad, with long straight front legs. The chest is deep and wide, and the hindquarters are broad and muscled. With long, broad backs and well-rounded ribs, these dogs are thin and elegant and built for speed. The feet are compact and large with well knuckled toes, and it carries its long tail low when at rest but higher when on the move.

Saluki Breed Maintenance

 The smooth and silky coat of the Saluki is easy to groom; just a simple brushing to ensure their longer hair doesn’t mat is enough. Grooming is a good time to remove any debris clinging to the coat. The Saluki is a very fastidious animal, and it pays a lot of attention to grooming itself. A bath when necessary is advised, but they do keep themselves very clean. It is a good idea to have a Saluki professionally groomed a few times each year which maintains its elegant coat. It is important to routinely check the dog’s ears for wax buildup or foreign objects such as grass seeds that can embed in the ear. The Saluki is an athletic dog and as such, needs a lot of room to run around. They love to run (and chase small fluffy animals) so beware when neighborhood cats visit. They should only be allowed to run free in a secured area because of their high prey drive, which could see them disappearing down the road without you. In fact, more of these fine animals are killed by cars than they are by disease. They have no road sense once they sight prey and are extremely fast. Saluki puppies should not be over-exercised because of their developing joints and bones, which includes limiting climbing stairs or jumping from heights. 

Saluki Breed Activity Requirements