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Border Collie
The Bodacion is a medium sized dog with medium to long hair and a great mix of both Border Collie and Dalmatian. This is such a new hybrid breed that there is not much information on them so it is important to take into account the aspects of the parent breeds. The Border Collie is from the pastoral group of working farm dogs and is great for herding sheep and other animals. They are also used for rescues and in obedience competitions. The Dalmatian is popular for their spotted coat and their book and movie career. They make great pets and are also excellent as working dogs.
Date of Origin
Border Collie, Dalmation

Bodacion Breed History

There is no history about the Bodacion because they have not been around long. Because of this, the characteristics of the parent breeds are used for their history. The Border Collie originated in the 1800s in Great Britain although some say this dog was depicted in wood carvings created before that time by Thomas Beckwith. This breed is considered to be the ultimate sheepdog and was actually the first documented champion of the sheepdog competition in 1873. The Border Collie is known for being able to herd sheep by just looking at them instead of barking and nipping at them. They were accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1995 and are the 38th most popular dog in the United States. The Dalmatian has been around since ancient times and originated in Croatia. It is believed that this breed was used as a hound dog in ancient times although there are many other stories about their history. Their function varies since the Dalmatian has a variety of talents such as a war dog, trailer, shepherd, sentinel, ratter, draft dog, circus dog, and bird dog. However, what the Dalmatian is most known for is as a coach dog from back in the Victorian days in England. These dogs would protect the horses by running alongside coaches. In fact, they became known as the mascot in fire departments due to their job as a coach dog for horse drawn fire engines. The Dalmatian was officially recognized by the AKC in 1888 and is the 62nd most popular dog breed in the United States.

Bodacion Breed Appearance

The Bodacion has a medium to long coat that can come in many different colors but is usually a mix of two or more colors such as black, white, merle, liver, yellow, or brown. Because the parent breeds are both medium sized dogs, the Bodacion is usually of medium size as well. They have a small head and floppy triangular ears with a medium sized muzzle and they sometimes have two different colored eyes. They have long and muscular legs with big feet and a long tail that may be furry. They have intelligent expressions and look like a fuzzy Dalmatian.

Bodacion Breed Maintenance

Due to their long hair, the Bodacion should be brushed thoroughly with a hard bristle brush at least two or three times a week. In addition, you should use a metal comb or your fingers to loosen and remove tangles. You can bathe them when needed but do not shampoo too often because it removes the oils they need for healthy skin and hair. You should check their ears for wax, dirt, and debris at least once a week and clean as directed by your veterinary care provider. Also, brush your Bodacion’s teeth once or twice a week to prevent dental problems.

Bodacion Activity Requirements

The temperament of the Bodacion is generally friendly and lovable but should be watched with strangers. Due to their Border Collie parentage, they sometimes try to herd small children and other pets so they should be watched with young children. If they are socialized at a young age, they can be wonderful and sociable pets but may be standoffish if not. Dalmatians are known to be hunters so they may not be safe to leave alone with small animals such as hamsters or kittens. They are extremely intelligent and love to please their owners so they are great at obedience and agility training.

Bodacion Owner Experiences

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Casper is like a loving baby brother for me. He shows me much love and still behaves like an energetic puppy at the age of 8
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