Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic

100-130 lbs
Romanian Mioritic, Mioritic Shepherd
To anyone who knows a decent amount about dogs, the Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic, also know as the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog, may look familiar, as it's similar in appearance to that of an Old English Sheepdog, and they share just about as much in looks as they do personality. They are similarly well-regarded in terms of being a family dog, as they are exceptionally patient and gentle with children, generally do well with other dogs and are endlessly loyal to their owners and families. Despite their big, lumbering looks, they are actually surprisingly agile, a necessary requirement if they are to blend into a herd and pop out to stop a predator from attacking the flock. As guardians, they are highly-valued as they are incredibly patient, vigilant and confident, unafraid to engage even the largest of predators if need be. They take that tenacity and responsibility into the home as well, patrolling the yard or house, watching for signs of trouble and alerting their owners before positioning themselves as a barrier between strangers or other types of impending danger. But even with their relatively high energy outputs, lively personalities, and assertive command of their living spaces, these dogs are usually calm and easy-going inside the home, happy to engage in play appropriated to their partner depending on size and strength, or just lounge around the house with the family. They are quite affectionate and form strong bonds with nearly all members of the family, making them universally lovable even if they can be a pain to train at times.
purpose Purpose
Guardian, Companion, Watchdog
history Date of Origin
Ancient Times
ancestry Ancestry
Native Carpathian Sheepdogs, Herding Dogs

Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic Health

Average Size
Male Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic size stats
Height: 27-30 inches Weight: 120-150 lbs
Female Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic size stats
Height: 25-28 inches Weight: 100-130 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Hip And Elbow Dysplasia
Minor Concerns
  • Skin Problems
Occasional Diagnoses
  • Ear Infections
  • Bloat
Occasional Tests
  • X-Rays
  • Physical Examination
  • Ear Examination
  • Skin and Hair Exams

Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic Breed History

As with many ancient breeds, there is little documentation that occurred along the sprawling timeline of the Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic. There have been hints, however, that this is a truly ancient breed with storied roots. The earliest images are featured in carved images in Rome, images that depict the Romans engaging in battle with the Daci, who were aided by large, bearded dogs. While the proof is still few and far between, many believe they descended from the Molossus dogs of ancient Rome, and their size and overall muscular build seem to agree. Although depicted more as warriors in the early periods, the Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic, or the dogs they descended from, were more often used for hunting, herding, and guarding sometime after the domestication of livestock. Because of their time and area of use, however, which largely included illiterate rural farmers, there are few other indications of the breed's overall development, at least until the late 19th and early 20th century, when others began to take notice and written accounts of the breed began to surface with greater frequency. But it still took until 1981 for the first breed standard to be published and until 2005 until the breed was finally recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale. The United Kennel Club followed suit just one year later, granting full recognition in 2006. Today, they are a rare breed outside of their region of origin, but are still highly-regarded in their homeland for their distinct appearance, excellent temperament, and top notch working ability.

Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic Breed Appearance

The Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic are a large breed, averaging 28 inches in height at the withers and weighing up to 150 pounds. They have a similar appearance to that of an Old English Sheepdog in that they are large, muscular, and covered from head to toe in long, shaggy hair. Their heads are relatively wide with a slightly domed skull and a tapering, medium-length muzzle a bit shorter than the skull that is capped with a wide black nose. Their eyes are moderately sized, mostly round but obliquely set and always brown or hazel in color, while their ears are folded and v-shaped, usually between four and six inches in length. Their necks are not particularly long but are undoubtedly strong and muscular, descending into a straight topline. Their forelegs are sturdy and fairly straight, possessing a fair amount of muscle up through the shoulder. Their chests are deep and well-sprung and yet show only a slight tuck in the belly. Their hind legs are thick-boned and heavily muscled in the thigh, appearing parallel from behind but showing good angulation from the side. Their tails are high-set, long, tapered and hairy and are carried with a high curve when active. Their coats are dual-layered with a straight and thick topcoat, a minimum around 4 inches in length on their heads and bodies but falling shorter in most other areas, and a dense, soft undercoat. They come in only three colors: solid white, solid grey or piebald.
Eye Color Possibilities
hazel Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic eyes
brown Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic eyes
Nose Color Possibilities
black Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic nose
Coat Color Possibilities
gray Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic coat
white Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic coat
pied Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic coat
Coat Length
Short Medium Long
Coat Density
coat density
Sparse Normal Dense
Coat Texture
coat texture
Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic straight coat texture
Straight Wiry Wavy Curly Corded

Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic Breed Maintenance

The Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic are considered high maintenance dogs, as their coats especially need constant care to stay healthy and comfortable. They need to be brushed at least every other day with several different brushes depending on the level of care they are provided. Their long hair needs to be brushed with a slicker or firm bristle brush to even their coat out, but will likely also need a dematter or even scissors to carefully cut out growing snags before they become thoroughly matted and cause potential skin and parasite problems. Some owners learn to trim their dogs themselves and prefer to do it themselves, but many others choose to go to professional groomers to trim at least some of the excess outer hair out, which should be done every one to two months, depending on the season. They are not high-volume or frequent shedders, but because of the sheer amount of hair, whatever they do leave behind will likely seem like a fair amount. In addition to their long coats, their folded ears will also need to be checked for excess moisture and wax buildup, as too much of either can cause troublesome ear infections and should be cleaned as a preventative measure when owners see any significant change. Like any other breed, they also need their nails trimmed occasionally to prevent painful cracks or breaks and their teeth should also be brushed once a week to help them maintain good oral hygiene.
Brushes for Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic
Slicker Brush
Slicker Brush
Nail Clipper
Nail Clipper
Brushing Frequency
fur daily fur weekly fur monthly
Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic requires daily brushing
Daily Weekly Monthly

Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic Temperament

In the home, the Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic often become exceptionally attached to their families, showing copious amounts of loyalty and a fair amount of affection to boot, employing patience and gentleness with children and generally maintaining regular obedience. Because they were so long trained to be an independent breed, they still maintain a strong will and the desire to make their own decisions, so they need firm, consistent training early on to get the absolute best out of them. They also have a considerable amount of energy and will become frustrated or restless if not properly exercised, so they generally do best with an active family or one with a large yard they can regularly roam and burn off some energy. On top of that, however, they should still receive regular engagement and join their owners on daily walks or runs, or taken to the dog park to run off their energy stores. If they receive proper socialization, training, and exercise, they are a fantastic all-around breed and will reward their families with nearly limitless devotion. 

Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic Activity Requirements

The Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic are considered medium to high energy dogs and therefore require a fair amount of exercise on a daily basis. Given their muscular build, high level of endurance and size, they will realistically need at least around 60 to 70 minutes of exercise a day, either with trips to the dog park, playing games in the yard, or going on walks/runs, as they will not tire properly tire themselves on their own if left to their own devices, even in the yard. The Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic are well-known to be extremely well-rounded dogs both as a working breed and as companions. As utility animals, they are very hard-working, dedicated and possess a high level of endurance, able to withstand hours of patrolling whatever home, flock, or area they are given to patrol and keep watch over. They are exceptionally vigilant and willfully employ themselves as watch dogs and guardians, even if not appointed to them. If there is danger present they will make it readily known, alerting their family with a loud, impressive bark and placing themselves between their family and the potential threat, asserting themselves without hesitation if the situation elevates. Because of that protective nature, encounters with newcomers, either strange dogs or people, should be monitored for the safety of both parties unless the dog is trained to do so otherwise.
Activity Level
low activity medium activity high activity
Low Medium High
Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week
16 miles
walk mileage
Minutes of Activity Per Day
60 minutes
activity minutes

Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic Food Consumption

Cups Per Day
4 cups
cup per day cost cup per day cost cup per day cost cup per day cost
Daily Cost
$2.00 - $2.50
food bowls daily cost
Monthly Cost
$60.00 - $75.00
food bag monthly cost

Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic Height & Weight

6 Months
Male Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic size stats at six months
Height: 20.0 inches Weight: 96.0 lbs
Female Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic size stats at six months
Height: 18.5 inches Weight: 82.0 lbs
12 Months
Male Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic size stats at 12 months
Height: 24.0 inches Weight: 115.5 lbs
Female Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic size stats at 12 months
Height: 22.5 inches Weight: 98.5 lbs
18 Months
Male Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic size stats at 18 months
Height: 28.5 inches Weight: 135.0 lbs
Female Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic size stats at 18 months
Height: 26.5 inches Weight: 115.0 lbs

Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic Owner Experiences

13 Months
2 People
Almost perfect ‚ÄĒ gets jealous with my husband in the house
4 years, 4 months ago
Book me a walkiee?
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