German Shorthaired Sprointer

45-55 lbs
German Shorthaired Pointer
English Springer Spaniel

German Shorthaired Sprointer is a cross between the agile German Shorthaired Pointer and eager to please English Springer Spaniel. These hybrids tend to be broad and well-built, medium sized dogs. As these dogs are highly energetic they do best with active families who are willing to put in the time and training to meet their dog’s energy requirements. This hybrid loves to be busy and enjoys a working lifestyle, so if your family is not the active type you may want to consider shopping around for a more relaxed canine. Owners of the German Shorthaired Sprointer say he is a great companion and is always ready for adventure. For the most part, these hybrids can have quite short hair and are considered relatively low maintenance. Some hybrids may have medium length hair focused particularly around the belly, neck, ears and tail; this may require a little more brushing.

Sporting, Companion
Date of Origin
German Shorthaired Pointer, English Springer Spaniel

German Shorthaired Sprointer Health

Average Size
Male German Shorthaired Sprointer size stats
Height: 20-24 inches Weight: 50-60 lbs
Female German Shorthaired Sprointer size stats
Height: 19-22 inches Weight: 45-55 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Seborrhea
  • Hip Dysplasia
Minor Concerns
  • Cherry Eye
  • Cataracts
Occasional Diagnoses
  • Atopic Dermatitis
Occasional Tests
  • Blood Test
  • X-Rays
  • Ophthalmologic Examination
  • Skin Scrape

German Shorthaired Sprointer Breed History

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a sporting and hunting dog crossed between the German Bird dog, German Scent Hounds and Spanish Pointers. These breeds originated in Germany during the 1600s and 1800s with the sole purpose of tracking, hunting, retrieving and flushing game animals. They were valued for their keen sense of smell, their high endurance level and their love of the hunt. Towards the 1900s, breeders began to enhance the personality traits so that this intelligent canine was able to approach prey gently on land, and also swim in water quickly. In order to do this the German Shorthaired Pointer was further crossed with Bloodhounds and Foxhounds. The German Shorthaired Pointer was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1930. The English Springer Spaniel is another sporting dog that is thought to have originated between the 1500s and 1600s in England. The lineage of Spaniels however, is considered to have originated in Spain. These dogs served as flushing dogs, whereby they assisted their masters in flushing out prey animals from burrows and dens. During the 1600s, the English Springer Spaniel was part of the Cocker Spaniel line with the only major difference being that each breed had different duties. In 1910, the American Kennel Club officially recognized the English Springer Spaniel as a purebred in the Sporting group. As the German Shorthaired Sprointer is considered a new designer hybrid, not much is known about its history and origins as of yet.

German Shorthaired Sprointer Breed Appearance

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a strong, agile dog that has a long lean body, and a deep-squared chest. The other parent, the Springer Spaniel has a short, heavy-built body where his back may be quite straight, so your dog will be a combination of the two or could lean more towards one shape than the other. Your hybrid will most likely have a skull that is broad and a long muzzle that is often not pointed. Ears are flopped down, flat and broad as well, eyes are mainly dark brown, and are round and alert. The tail is often long and strong, but may be docked. The German Shorthaired Sprointer will have muscular legs and his paws may be webbed. His coat could be short like the Pointer parent, but could also be wavy and soft with a lot more feathering around the ears, chest, belly and neck.

Eye Color Possibilities
brown German Shorthaired Sprointer eyes
Nose Color Possibilities
black German Shorthaired Sprointer nose
Coat Color Possibilities
black German Shorthaired Sprointer coat
white German Shorthaired Sprointer coat
brown German Shorthaired Sprointer coat
red German Shorthaired Sprointer coat
Coat Length
Short Medium Long
Coat Density
Sparse Normal Dense
Coat Texture
German Shorthaired Sprointer straight coat texture
Straight Wiry Wavy Curly Corded

German Shorthaired Sprointer Breed Maintenance

If your hybrid tends to have medium to long hair then you may be required to brush his coat with a pin brush at least twice a week in order to prevent matting. If your hybrid has a short dense coat similar to that of the German Shorthaired Pointer, then brushing his coat once a week with a slicker brush will help remove loose fur and dirt. Pay special attention to your hybrid’s floppy ears, which need to be cleaned on a regular basis. As with all dogs, the teeth need to be cleaned often in order to protect the gums and avoid decay. The nails should be trimmed when needed and bathing should only be done when the dog is absolutely dirty. Over bathing can lead to a pH and oil imbalance on skin.

Brushes for German Shorthaired Sprointer
Pin Brush
Slicker Brush
Nail Clipper
Brushing Frequency
German Shorthaired Sprointer requires weekly brushing
Daily Weekly Monthly

German Shorthaired Sprointer Temperament

Friendly to all and constantly playful, this hybrid makes an excellent family pet for active households. Despite being considered sporting dogs, they do well with children and other pets as they are quite docile. However, due to their prey instinct, they may not do well with birds. These dogs can bark, but not in aggression, most often it is an “alert” bark to let their owners know when a stranger is near. For the most part, they are quite easy to train as they are very clever and eager to try new things. They do not like to be left alone though, and could demonstrate destructive behavior due to anxiety.

German Shorthaired Sprointer Activity Requirements

The German Shorthaired Sprointer is a hybrid who will need extensive outdoor activity in order to be his happiest. It is important to remember that these canines stem from hunting dogs; they are agile trackers, runners, and leapers that will benefit from activities such as runs, hikes, off-leash park play time and agility courses. Some hybrids may even enjoy swimming, an activity their parent breed the German Shorthaired Pointer commonly did as an aide on the hunting field. On average, these dogs require at least 65 to 75 minutes or more of daily physical activity and are best suited to active owners. Not ideal for apartment dwelling, a home with a fenced yard is the optimal place for him to explore.

Activity Level
Low Medium High
Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week
12 miles
Minutes of Activity Per Day
75 minutes

German Shorthaired Sprointer Food Consumption

Cups Per Day
3 cups
Daily Cost
$1.50 - $1.90
Monthly Cost
$39.00 - $52.00

German Shorthaired Sprointer Owner Experiences

21 Weeks
6 People
Dog-friendly events
Bonnie is a recent addition to our family, as well as her sister Winnie! They have been very accepting of us all and are amazing dogs to be around. Bonnie and Winnie however have had their fair share of health problems between them since arriving with us at 8weeks (mainly stomach issues). However, aside from that they are balls of energy
1 month ago
3 Years
3 People
House & Yard
Road trip
Playing in the snow
Beach walks
Winnie is such a beautiful, goofy girl. Our whole family adores her and she has well and truly become my fur child
11 months, 1 week ago
4 Years
3 People
hot spots
She was only 12 weeks when we got her. She was clearly mistreated. Very loving but shy and riddled with fleas, worms, rashes and stomach parasites. Took awhile to get her digestive system healthy and she still has a delicate stomach so we have to be careful what with certain foods. She is super loving and energetic. Never gets tired, lol. Hates being left alone and gets very anxious in any new situation. Teaching her new tricks and habits is so much fun because she is an amazing learner with a quick wit. Fun and goofy personality with a very smart mind and awesome memory. We just love her!
1 year, 3 months ago
7 Years
2 People
House & Yard
Lou came to us as a rescue 4.5 years ago. We do not have her history, however from her behaviour and appearance she was definitely mistreated and half starved. Since she joined our home, she has came on in leaps and bounds. She is confident when she is with familiar people and dogs, she is the most loving a gentle girl and we would not be without her. Her only downside is she sheds like a demon. She sleeps a lot and loves a walk which she usually gets 3 times a day but until the lead is lifted she is perfectly calm. Lou had never seen the sea or the beach before she came to us, she did not know what to do with a ball. She just seems thankful to be with people who love her. I wish she could tell me why her eyes always look so sad xxx
1 year, 5 months ago
10 Months
3 People
House & Yard
Running, walking, roadtrips
She's very friendly as well as stubborn. Took time to train, still training on certain areas. She's very active, loves playing with other dogs, swimming in the ocean, and going for rides.
2 years, 5 months ago
12 Weeks
3 People
Smart enthusiastic pup. Very affectionate and loving. She is learning at an amazing speed and gets supper excited when it is time to practice or train.
2 years, 10 months ago
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