Fourche Terrier

12-14 lbs
United States
Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkie West, West Highland Yorkie, Westie Yorkie Mix

The Fourche Terrier is a designer breed that is a gorgeous blend of a West Highland White Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier. Since both of these are small breeds, this dog is also small, usually about nine inches tall and they weigh about 13 pounds. Their coat is thick and rough and of medium to long length. They can be just about any color including a combination of any colors. They are cheerful, alert, and make great family dogs but can be a little stubborn at times. They have a lot of excess energy and need to get about an hour or more of exercise daily.

Family pet
Date of Origin
West Highland White Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier

Fourche Terrier Health

Average Size
Male Fourche Terrier size stats
Height: 9-10 inches Weight: 13-15 lbs
Female Fourche Terrier size stats
Height: 8-10 inches Weight: 12-14 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Tracheal Collapse
  • Portosystemic Shunt
  • Craniomandibular Osteopathy
Minor Concerns
  • Seborrhea
  • Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca
Occasional Diagnoses
  • Cataracts
  • Deafness
  • Atopic Dermatitis
Occasional Tests
  • X-Rays
  • MRI
  • CT Scan
  • Eye Examination
  • Skin Evaluation
  • Ultrasound
  • Blood Tests
  • Hearing Tests
  • Complete Physical Examination

Fourche Terrier Breed History

The West Highland White Terrier (Westie) comes from Scotland and were bred from other Terriers in the 1800s to hunt small animals such as the rat, fox, badger, and otter. Some of the Terriers they are thought to be related to are the Dandie Dinmont, Cairn, Skye, and Scottish. The reason for the white color is due to an accidental mistaken identity that led to the shooting death of a prized Westie owned by a hunter and breeder named Colonel Malcolm of Poltalloch. After his dog was mistaken for a fox, he decided that all his future dogs would be white so it would never happen again. They were introduced into the United States in 1905 and were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1908. Today, the breed is the 41st most popular in the United States. The Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) came from England in the 1800s and was also used for hunting small vermin like rats and mice. They are thought to be a mix of the Maltese, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Skye Terrier, English Black and Tan Terrier, Paisley Terrier, Clydesdale Terrier, and the Waterside Terrier. This breed is one of the most popular Terriers and also the most beautiful. They are small with long blue-gray hair and was quickly found to be too pretty to be hunting rats so they were soon kept as pets and placed in dog shows. The first Yorkshire Terrier was born in the United States in 1872 and the breed was accepted by the AKC in 1885, where they are the 9th most popular dog breed.

Fourche Terrier Breed Appearance

This tiny designer dog has medium to long length hair that can be just about any color including white; black; dark brown and chocolate; gold and light brown; white and cream; gray and black; brindle; merle; or spotted. Their coat is usually thick and rough although some are shiny and soft like a Yorkshire Terrier. They have large pointed ears that usually hang down but can stand up when they are listening. They weight about 12 to 15 pounds and stand between 8 and 10 inches tall. The furry little Fourche Terrier has large dark eyes, a black nose, small round head, and a curious and alert expression.

Eye Color Possibilities
brown Fourche Terrier eyes
Nose Color Possibilities
black Fourche Terrier nose
Coat Color Possibilities
black Fourche Terrier coat
white Fourche Terrier coat
brown Fourche Terrier coat
gray Fourche Terrier coat
brindle Fourche Terrier coat
Coat Length
Short Medium Long
Coat Density
Sparse Normal Dense
Coat Texture
Fourche Terrier wavy coat texture
Straight Wiry Wavy Curly Corded

Fourche Terrier Breed Maintenance

Their thick and rough coat needs to be brushed thoroughly with a firm bristle brush and slicker brush at least three or four times a week. Some also need to be professionally groomed several times a year to keep their coat in good condition and prevent matting and tangles. They are prone to skin conditions so you should only use shampoo or soap recommended by your veterinarian. Check their skin when grooming to ensure that it is healthy and free of irritation. You should also clean their ears with a cotton ball once a week and trim their nails when needed. In addition, it is recommended that you brush their teeth several times a week to prevent dental problems; small breeds are prone to teeth decay.

Brushes for Fourche Terrier
Pin Brush
Slicker Brush
Nail Clipper
Brushing Frequency
Fourche Terrier requires weekly brushing
Daily Weekly Monthly

Fourche Terrier Temperament

The Fourche Terrier is a happy and friendly little dog that learns fast and enjoys playing although they may be obstinate when they want to be. Even though they are loyal to their family, they can sometimes refuse to listen and go about their own way. Because of this, you have to be consistent when training and keep up with the rules at all times. They get along well with older children and other pets but must be trained to tolerate smaller children and other animals. You should always supervise your Fourche Terrier with small children because they are so small and easily injured due to their delicate bones.

Fourche Terrier Activity Requirements

The Fourche Terrier has a lot of nervous energy that needs to be worked off daily or they can become anxious and unruly. Every day, you should provide about 60 to 90 minutes of moderate exercise. Due to the sensitivity of your dog’s neck, you should use a soft harness rather than a collar when on a leash. Although they need a lot of activity, because of their small size, they can get most of their exercise indoors playing fetch or chasing other pets or kids. However, they are good at agility training, swimming, and they may even enjoy a trip to the lake or beach.

Activity Level
Low Medium High
Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week
6 miles
Minutes of Activity Per Day
90 minutes

Fourche Terrier Food Consumption

Cups Per Day
2 cups
Daily Cost
$1.00 - $2.00
Monthly Cost
$30.00 - $60.00

Fourche Terrier Owner Experiences

9 Months
7 People
House & Yard
Long walks
Look out the window
Bella is such a playful and affectionate dog and loves meeting new people and other dogs on walks. If I leave for even 1 minute I an greeted by lots of kisses and affection from her.
3 weeks, 5 days ago
13 Weeks
4 People
He's so full of energy, that come in quick short bursts, that everyone in the house is nearly knocked off their feet and then he settles immediately to sleep. Such a beautiful light and energy in our home.
6 months, 3 weeks ago
3 Years
2 People
Playing in the snow
Long walk
Running around on the grass
We had a staff for our first dog and unfortunately she died so 2 years later I rescued rolo of a family member and he’s been with us ever since , there’s been ups and downs but I wouldn’t change my little sloth for nothing
6 months, 3 weeks ago
4 Years
5 People
My little girl is so resilient! She has just recently come home after being stolen by some horrible people who broke in my home! She is home after 34 long months!! Its a miracle!!
8 months, 3 weeks ago
Gracie May
13 Years
3 People
House & Yard
She knows her morning routine. Likes to sleep on the hearth by the fire in the winter and also in the summer because the bricks are cool. She is the peacemaker between the cats that hiss at each other. She loves it when the grandchildren rub her belly and play with her. She is however extremely overweight apparently. She weighs 23 pounds! Think we both could use a little more exercise!!
1 year, 9 months ago
A year
4 People
She is the sweetest,most loving dog I've ever seen. She loves cuddling and is constantly on top of someone. She is friendly to other animals and loves playing. Honestly the best dog ever!
2 years, 2 months ago
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