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The Ausky is a cross between an Australian Cattle Dog and a Siberian Husky, both intelligent, active and enduring breeds. The resulting cross is an intelligent and active dog that does best with early socialization and plenty to do. Fortunately, there are many activities that they are suited to, including running and agility training, along with the pulling and herding activities enjoyed by the parent breeds. This breed of dog requires a great deal of vigorous activity on a daily basis and can become uncooperative and destructive if not kept busy. They may inherit a tendency to be somewhat nippy from the Australian Cattle Dog, and they have the high prey drive of the Siberian Husky, making some Ausky dogs inappropriate companions for small, fast moving children or pets.
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American Bulldog, Siberian Husky

Ausky Breed History

The Ausky is a recent designer breed and is sometimes referred to as an Australian Husky. Unfortunately, this name is also employed to refer to a mix of Husky and Australian Shepherd, making record keeping even more challenging. The Ausky hybrid is a mix of two very strong and agile canines bred to work closely with people in order to handle jobs that were tough and rigorous, sometimes even downright dangerous. The Australian Cattle Dog was bred to herd cattle in Australia by nipping at their heels, which means they also had to be exceptionally quick and agile to avoid being kicked by those same hooves. The Siberian Husky was developed in Russia by an indigenous people known as the Chukchi to carry supplies and sometimes people over the vast stretches of ice and snow in Siberia. Although the Siberian Husky has a wolf-like appearance, it was bred to live alongside its family, and it is traditionally a very friendly breed; the addition of the Australian Cattle Dog gives the Ausky a more protective nature than the Husky, making it more appropriate as a watchdog or guard dog. Although they work closely with people, both of the parent breeds are known to have an independent nature, and it was the independent and sometimes stubborn nature of this breed that inspired Sharon Delarose to write her book titled Bad Dog to Best Friend about her rescue dog, a tough to handle Ausky that had been abandoned by its previous owners.

Ausky Breed Appearance

These are medium sized, athletic dogs that are both strong and agile. They tend to be slightly longer than they are tall and are typically compact and well-muscled. They generally have a broad skull with almond eyes and a powerfully built muzzle of medium length. Their eyes may be blue or brown, or they may have one of each, and the Ausky should have triangular ears that are held upright and may be heavily furred on the inside. Dogs that are introduced as Auskies that have floppier ears may be a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Husky rather than an Australian Cattle Dog. Both of the parent breeds for the Ausky have a double coat, a dense undercoat covered with a protective coat of straight guard hair. If the dog’s coat favors the Australian Cattle Dog side of their heritage, then the undercoat will be more kinky than downy, and the guard hairs will be short, whereas those that take after their Siberian Husky roots will have the downier undercoat covered by a longer top coat.

Ausky Breed Maintenance

The grooming for this hybrid can vary somewhat from dog to dog. Although both dogs have a double layer coat that is made up of a dense undercoat protected by a coat of straight guard hairs, the texture of the undercoat is quite different, and the top coat of a Siberian Husky is considerably longer than the Australian Cattle Dog. This means that if your dog takes after their Australian parent in coat types, they will require only occasional bathing and regular brushing with a stiff bristle brush or slicker brush. If your dog inherited a coat more reminiscent of the Husky line, bathing needs might still be infrequent, but brushing is more likely to be a daily requirement. Dogs with a more Husky type coat will also shed more and may have periods of significant shedding during the spring and fall.

Ausky Activity Requirements

Hybrid dogs like the Ausky are not always a fifty percent cross, and the overall personality traits can vary from dog to dog; however, there are some traits that are fairly consistent. The Ausky is a vigorous breed, in both physique and in temperament. They are also highly independent in nature and without early socialization and training these dogs can become stubborn and very difficult to train. They are, however, a highly intelligent breed and are quite capable of learning a variety of commands when they are not busy getting into mischief. These are not animals that like to be confined, and they can inherit the instinct to nip from their Australian Cattle Dog side and a high prey drive from their Siberian Husky genetics. These traits may make some members of this breed unsuitable to have around small children and smaller or fast moving pets, depending on the dog’s individual personality traits and early training and socialization.

Ausky Owner Experiences

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