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United States
Affen Chi

The Affenhuahua is a designer, toy dog breed that originated from the United States. A cross between the Affenpinscher and Chihuahua, this particular little toy breed is a scruffy dog that has a relatively short stature. A round headed dog, its muzzle and snout tend to be short; however, it is not a true brachycephalic dog. The Affenpinscher may be bred to have two main coat shades; dark greys and black to darker tones of brown. The Affenpinscher is said to be a bright, alert and playful companion to the right home.  However, as with all breeds, training is essential, especially for homes with younger children. Bred to be a companion breed, these little toy dogs have moderate grooming requirements. Due to the breed being part Chihuahua, the Affenpinscher may either have long or short fur and is said to be hypoallergenic.

Date of Origin
Affenpinscher, Chihuahua

Affenhuahua Health

Average Size
Male Affenhuahua size stats
Height: 8-12 inches Weight: 4-12 lbs
Female Affenhuahua size stats
Height: 8-12 inches Weight: 4-12 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Tracheal Collapse
  • Eye Disease
Minor Concerns
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Shivering
Occasional Tests
  • Eye
  • Knee
  • Blood Test
  • Skeletal
  • X-Rays
  • Endoscopy

Affenhuahua Breed History

The name Affenhuahua originates from the parent breed combination that is the Chihuahua and Affenpinscher. The Chihuahua is an ancient breed of companion toy dogs that has said to originate in Mexico during the 5th century. Its main purpose was to simply have been a symbol of wealth. The Affenpinscher however, is believed to have originated as a Terrier of sort in Germany during the 1600’s. Their main purpose was to hunt rodents and were thus considered working dogs. Today, the Affenpinscher is considered a rare breed and may not be spotted very easily in cities. The American Kennel Club recognizes the Affenpinscher and Chihuahua, However, the AKC does not yet recognize its progeny the Affenhuahua as a registered breed. In regards to the Affenhuahua, the exact time of origin is unknown however, it is can be estimated to have began appearing during the 21st century in the United States of America. The current reason for the breed’s creation may have simply been for aesthetic purposes.

Affenhuahua Breed Appearance

The Affenpinscher is described to be a “monkey–faced” Terrier breed of dog. When looking at an Affenhuahua, the monkey-like face may be quite noticeable as a result of certain facial features such as a rounded scruffy face, a shortened muzzle, large round eyes and semi-flopped ears. The Affenhuahua has a short stature with a long crescent shaped tail where its fur coat color may come in shades ranging from dark browns, blacks, tans, blues and whites. The coat may be medium in length and is often rough and dense to the touch.

Affenhuahua Breed Maintenance

The Affenhuahua is a low shedding, hypoallergenic breed that tends to have medium length fur that is often quite dense and rough to the touch, thus they may require regular grooming and brushing in order to prevent mats from forming. Should your Affenhuahua take on more characteristics similar to that of an Affenpinscher, then detangling and clipping of fur may be another regular grooming requirement. Like all dogs, dental care and nail trimming are essential for maintaining your pet’s health. However, if your Affenhuahua has particularly floppy ears then regular ear cleaning may be required as well.

Affenhuahua Temperament

Because of its breed mix, the Affenhuahua can quite an intelligent, hyper little dog. Like the Chihuahua, the Affenhuahua is a curious dog that may tend to become stubborn and misbehaved. But as with all dogs, training is essential especially if the dog will be around young children. Trainability is often quite easy for new pet owners as these spunky little dogs are quick learners who are full of energy, particularly during their puppy stages. When approached by strangers and/or kids the Affenhuahua may be either fearful or snappy depending on the his individual personality. This is why it is important to not only socialize the dog but to also teach children how to correctly approach a dog. As with all animals, each dog will develop an individual personality so temperament is variable.

Affenhuahua Activity Requirements

Chihuahuas have moments throughout the day where they may be full of energy. Affenpinschers may be lower in energy; however, due to the history of being a rat hunting breed, energy levels may be moderate. Affenhuahuas tend to have a moderate level of energy requiring short bursts of playtime and exercise. Toys and learning new tricks are recommended in order to provide adequate mental stimulation and entertainment for your dog, particularly during the puppy stages.

Affenhuahua Owner Experiences

14 Years
2 People
Yodi picks one human at a time to be loyal to. He’s very aware of his small size and follows his human, rather than steps in front of or around their feet. :-) Yodi has selective hearing - “chicken” brings him scampering to the kitchen, but he’s not big on coming when called - he’s got us trained to simply pick him up. He’s got a really deep voice for such a tiny dog that he doesn’t use frequently. Other much larger dogs understand his age and size and allow him to think he’s the alpha dog in any group. We absolutely LOVE that Yodi is low maintenance and want to find him a younger brother or sister but haven’t been successful in locating an Affenhuahua.
4 months, 2 weeks ago
Toby and Charlie
10 weeks and one day
2 People
Not had them very in progress
2 years, 1 month ago
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