West Highland Doxie

12-25 lbs
West Highland White Terrier

The hybrid breed, the West Highland Doxie, is a mix of the Dachshund and the West Highland White Terrier.  The West Highland White Terrier is originally from Scotland, and was used to hunt small prey like foxes, badgers and rodents.  This breed is small, growing no taller than 11 inches, but they are also very attractive and extremely intelligent.  They can be obedient, and have excellent tracking instincts, but they must be trained from a young age.  The Dachshund is from Germany and is very energetic.  This breed was also used for hunting and although they are small in height, they have a long body.  As a hybrid, the West Highland Doxie will inherit characteristics from both breeds, as they are very different in appearance.  The parent breeds do have some common characteristics, so if you plan on becoming an owner of the West Highland Doxie hybrid then you should certainly consider these commonalities.  Both parent breeds can be difficult to train.  This is because they are very intelligent and can develop a stubborn streak.  They are spirited dogs, and can occasionally be aggressive towards other dogs, so it is important to socialize from an early stage to influence a positive temperament. It is important to supervise this breed when they are in contact with other dogs, and also with small children.  Although both breeds are good with children, they are better with older children and as they are both small in size, they can get hurt by children, and again, this can influence their temperament.  Both usually respond well to training but perseverance is important. Agility training is ideal, and as an intelligent breed, they will enjoy learning new tricks as it is important to keep them both physically and mentally active to prevent boredom.  The West Highland Doxie is an adorable breed and certainly makes a loyal companion, who will enjoy bonding time and affection from its owner.

purpose Purpose
Hunting. Companion
history Date of Origin
ancestry Ancestry
Dachshund, West Highland White Terrier

West Highland Doxie Health

Average Size
Male West Highland Doxie size stats
Height: 9-11 inches Weight: 14-28 lbs
Female West Highland Doxie size stats
Height: 8-10 inches Weight: 12-25 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Inguinal Hernias
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Copper Toxicosis
  • Bloat
  • Addison's Disease
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
Minor Concerns
  • Deafness
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Cushing's Disease
  • Craniomandibular Osteopathy
Occasional Diagnoses
  • None Known
Occasional Tests
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Hearing
  • Blood Test
  • Hip X-Rays
  • (Dna Test For Pra)
  • X-Rays
  • Eye Examination
  • Physical Examination

West Highland Doxie Breed History

The parent breeds that are used to produce the hybrid the West Highland Doxie are small breeds of dog, both originating from European countries.  The West Highland White Terrier originates from Scotland and was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1908. It is thought that its ancestry is from a range of Terriers, including the Scottish, Skye, Dandie Dinmont, and Cairn Terriers.  Although they are adorable, they have the toughness and hunting instincts of the Terrier as they were often used to hunt small prey like badgers and foxes. The Dachshund, the other parent breed that makes up the West Highland Doxie, was also a hunting dog, often used to hunt small game.  The Dachshund is recognized by the American Kennel Club as being part of the hound group, but its ancestors not only include the French Basset Hound, but also Terrier, Spaniel, and Pinscher breeds.  Although the West Highland Doxie is usually bought with the purpose of being a domestic pet, it will have certainly inherited good tracking skills and would also be good at hunting.  The American Kennel Club says that the parent breeds are very active and curious.  They also state that as intelligent breeds they can become bored easily and need mental, as well as physical stimulation.  Although the American Kennel Club does not recognize the West Highland Doxie due to it being a hybrid, this designer breed is recognized by the International Designer Canine Registry.  Although it is not clear why the two breeds have been mixed, you can have the best of both worlds with this hybrid as you inherit the hunting skills of small prey with the West Highland Terrier breed, and also the small game hunting skills with the Dachshund breed. The West Highland Doxie will also make a great companion or family pet, providing they are trained and socialized from a young age.   

West Highland Doxie Breed Appearance

The Dachshund is available in so many different colors, whereas the West Highland White Terrier is usually white, as indicated in its name.  Obviously as a hybrid breed the West Highland Doxie can appear in a combination of colors, depending on the coloring of their parent breed, and also whichever colors they predominantly inherit.  The West Highland White Terrier has a slightly longer and dense coat in comparison to the Dachshund, however there is not much difference and therefore it is likely that a West Highland Doxie’s coat will be medium in length, normal in density, and straight in texture.  This hybrid will be small, as the maximum height of a West Highland White Terrier is 11 inches, and the Dachshund is typically no larger than 9 inches.  The Dachshund has smaller legs than the West Highland White Terrier, however both breeds are known to have strong legs.  The West Highland White Terrier has a round shaped head, with almond-shaped eyes, and small ears, set wide apart.  The Dachshund in comparison has an arch-shaped skull, that tapers down to the tip of the nose.  Its ears are set on the side of its head and are medium sized, dropping down to side of its head.  The eyes of the West Highland Doxie are likely to be brown, blue or hazel, and nose color could be black, brown, or Isabella.  These color variations will depend on the Dachshund parent breed.  The Dachshund is also tight lipped and has a wide jaw, with strong teeth that form a scissor bite. Whilst the West Highland Terrier is taller than the Dachshund, the Dachshund is much longer in length.  As a hybrid, the West Highland Doxie can inherit a range of characteristics from each breed, so the appearance from one West Highland Doxie to another may vary.  The West Highland Terrier is said to have a piercing expression by the American Kennel Club, but the Dachshund is said to have a pleasant, but not piercing expression, so again, this is down to the characteristics adopted by the individual West Highland Doxie.

Eye Color Possibilities
blue West Highland Doxie eyes
hazel West Highland Doxie eyes
brown West Highland Doxie eyes
Nose Color Possibilities
black West Highland Doxie nose
brown West Highland Doxie nose
isabella West Highland Doxie nose
Coat Color Possibilities
white West Highland Doxie coat
black West Highland Doxie coat
brown West Highland Doxie coat
red West Highland Doxie coat
isabella West Highland Doxie coat
pied West Highland Doxie coat
sable West Highland Doxie coat
brindle West Highland Doxie coat
Coat Length
Short Medium Long
Coat Density
coat density
Sparse Normal Dense
Coat Texture
coat texture
West Highland Doxie straight coat texture
Straight Wiry Wavy Curly Corded

West Highland Doxie Breed Maintenance

The West Highland Doxie will need maintaining regularly, especially if it inherits a coat similar to that of the West Highland Terrier. This breed needs to be groomed regularly and may require trimming around the feet, the eyes and the ears occasionally.  Shedding is occasional and seasonal, but you should keep your West Highland Doxie clean by wiping down the coat and brushing, but be as gentle as possible with him.  You should also check the ears once each week for abnormalities.  This hybrid will need daily walks, and also daily play time to keep their minds stimulated.  Learning new tricks, flyball, agility and earthdog games are ideal.  It is recommended that the nails need trimming if you hear them click on the floor, and it is recommended that teeth are brushed daily, or at least 3 to 4 times each week.  Both parent breeds are prone to injuries and illnesses so ensure he is regularly checked to keep your dog as healthy as possible.  Due to being a small breed, it is best to split the exercise by walking twice each day, and it is also recommended to feed twice per day also, by splitting their daily allowance into two.  The Dachshund is sometimes difficult to train, and the West Highland Terrier can snap and lose trust easily, so its best to use positive techniques and reward good behavior.  You should be calm, gentle and patient also, especially whilst training.  Your West Highland Doxie will love attention, so show him plenty of love and affection.  

Brushes for West Highland Doxie
Pin Brush
Pin Brush
Slicker Brush
Slicker Brush
Brushing Frequency
fur daily fur weekly fur monthly
West Highland Doxie requires daily brushing
Daily Weekly Monthly

West Highland Doxie Temperament

Although the West Highland Doxie is a hybrid, there are some very similar temperament characteristics that both the Dachshund and the West Highland Terrier have in common.  While both are said to be friendly, loyal, companions that will respond well to training, the importance of socialization with other dogs, along with supervision of any contact with other dogs, as well as young children is strongly advised.  Both the West Highland Terrier and the Dachshund can occasionally be stubborn and become aggressive, and as an intelligent breed, ensuring that the West Highland Doxie does not become bored is vital if you want to avoid negative and destructive behavior.  Both parents need to be challenged mentally, but training sessions must also be fun in order to keep them interested and engaged.  Both breeds have strong personalities, and often a dog with a strong personality can try to take charge and again this is where training, through positive reinforcement, is central at a young age when temperament is still developing.  The West Highland Doxie will love your attention, and sources claim that they are extremely affectionate and sociable, although this hybrid often likes to bark at everything and anything, including strangers, but not necessarily in an aggressive way. 

West Highland Doxie Activity Requirements

Both parent breeds, the West Highland Terrier and Dachshund are energetic and require moderate exercise of around 30 minutes each day. Both are known to have high energy levels and enjoy being both physically and mentally stimulated, so extra time for play or for training for your hybrid should be allowed each day too.  The West Highland Doxie will be happy with a warm climate, as neither a climate that is too hot or too cold will suit this breed, so measures should be taken to protect your dog against both. He can easily adapt to either an apartment or a home with a yard; in fact, both parent breeds love to dig and therefore, a garden space would probably entertain your dog quite well.

Activity Level
low activity medium activity high activity
Low Medium High
Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week
7 miles
walk mileage
Minutes of Activity Per Day
30 minutes
activity minutes

West Highland Doxie Food Consumption

Cups Per Day
1.6 cups
cup per day cost
Daily Cost
$1.20 - $1.40
food bowls daily cost
Monthly Cost
$34.00 - $45.00
food bag monthly cost

West Highland Doxie Height & Weight

6 Months
Male West Highland Doxie size stats at six months
Height: 5.5 inches Weight: 9.5 lbs
Female West Highland Doxie size stats at six months
Height: 5.5 inches Weight: 8.0 lbs
12 Months
Male West Highland Doxie size stats at 12 months
Height: 9.0 inches Weight: 16.0 lbs
Female West Highland Doxie size stats at 12 months
Height: 8.0 inches Weight: 15.0 lbs
18 Months
Male West Highland Doxie size stats at 18 months
Height: 10.0 inches Weight: 20.0 lbs
Female West Highland Doxie size stats at 18 months
Height: 9.0 inches Weight: 18.5 lbs

West Highland Doxie Owner Experiences

4 Years
4 People
House & Yard
playful dog. likes to chew things whenever he does not gets what he wants.
4 years, 7 months ago
3 Months
3 People
House & Yard
Tug of war
Tav is a great little dog who loves a chew and a bark. He’s very energetic in play and loves other dogs
3 years, 2 months ago
13 Months
2 People
House & Yard
Hide and seek, zoomies around the house
Adopted her from a rescue organization 8 weeks ago. She had also been in 2 shelters previously. She is very shy around new people. She likes all dogs and walks well on a leash. She is highly motivated by treats, and we are training her to come, sit, down. She will not let us pet her yet, but she will give us lots of kisses.
3 years ago
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