Prazsky Krysarik

4-6 lbs
Prazsky Krysavik, Prague Ratter

The Prazsky Kyrsarik dog is acknowledged as the smallest dog in the world,  but what they lack in size they more than make up with their spunky character and affectionate nature. These tiny dogs forge strong and reliable relationships with humans and they love attention and cuddles. This dog adapts well to indoor and apartment living, but don't be fooled by that. The Prazsky Kyrsarik loves and needs a daily dog walk and enjoys playing outdoor games. They are fast and agile, willing to be trained, and have a high sense of hearing and smell. 

Originally bred as a dog to help control the rats in and around homes, they soon became the companion of kings and noblemen. The Kyrsarik can be sensitive to criticism but they respond well to praise and rewards. The family will love this little dog who is quiet in voice yet lively and loving. Care must be taken as it is easy to hurt this little canine unintentionally in play. Sweet and loving, the Prazsky Kyrsarik is also friendly to strangers, but may be slightly protective of their owners without being aggressive. They do best living in warm places as they feel the cold, but that can be overcome by wearing a dog jacket.

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Prague Ratter

Prazsky Krysarik Health

Average Size
Male Prazsky Krysarik size stats
Height: 7-9 inches Weight: 4-6 lbs
Female Prazsky Krysarik size stats
Height: 7-9 inches Weight: 4-6 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Patellar Luxation
Minor Concerns
  • Bone And Joint Problems
  • Foot and Toenail Injuries
Occasional Diagnoses
  • Dental Problems
Occasional Tests
  • Regular Full Physical Examination By Veterinarian
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Dental and Oral Examinations
  • Hip and Elbow X-rays

Prazsky Krysarik Breed History

The Prazsky Krysarik was known as a popular little dog in the courts of central European royalty during the Middle Ages. When the Polish King Boleslaw ll the Generous came to power in 1058, he much admired the tiny Prazsky Krysarik and he ordered two of the breed to be imported from Bohemia. Not only were they great companions of the royal and noble class, but they were invaluable as rat hunters in both rural and urban households. Small and lively, they could easily dispatch their prey and save not only the fields and crops of the farmer, but they could keep the rats from infesting the city houses. 

During the 19th century, the popularity of the Prazsky Krysarik decreased due to the rise in popularity of the Miniature Pinscher which had become very fashionable. It wasn't until around the 1980s that they again became popular as Czechs and Slovaks began to breed them again. They are still quite rare and are not a Federation Cynologique Internationale acknowledged breed. There are about 2500 of the breed registered; they are presented at shows and create quite a stir due to their tiny size and elegant form. 

While the dog breed is gaining popularity again, they are a dog that needs a little more care due to their stature. With thin legs and tiny paws, they can be injured easily. Their thin skin and coat make them better for warmer climates, if they are living in colder climates they really require a dog coat to keep them warm. Tiny, dainty, and yet large in personality, the Prazsky Krysarik is worth several times their weight in gold!

Prazsky Krysarik Breed Appearance

The Prazsky Krysarik is known as the smallest dog breed in the world. They have a lean, almost fragile, body which is thin skinned. Their neck is long and thin and supports a delicate, beautifully proportioned head. A narrow and pointed muzzle with small teeth meeting in a scissors bite, and pointed triangular ears that are held erect are their hallmark traits. Large round eyes that show their enthusiasm and kind temperament and a cute small black nose will warm even the coldest heart. They have a long narrow body with a broad but shallow chest, and a narrow straight tail. Their legs are small boned and delicate and they have tiny dainty feet, thus they are susceptible to leg injury.  

This small dog is known to feel the cold because of their thin skin and short glossy hair. In colder climates the Prazsky Krysarik will need a doggie coat to keep them warm outdoors, otherwise, you will find them shivering all the time.

Eye Color Possibilities
brown Prazsky Krysarik eyes
amber Prazsky Krysarik eyes
Nose Color Possibilities
black Prazsky Krysarik nose
Coat Color Possibilities
black Prazsky Krysarik coat
brown Prazsky Krysarik coat
fawn Prazsky Krysarik coat
blue Prazsky Krysarik coat
white Prazsky Krysarik coat
Coat Length
Short Medium Long
Coat Density
coat density
Sparse Normal Dense
Coat Texture
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Prazsky Krysarik straight coat texture
Straight Wiry Wavy Curly Corded

Prazsky Krysarik Breed Maintenance

The Prazsky Krysarik is a low shedding dog breed so they require low maintenance. Because of their thin skin and coat, they only require a gentle brush each week and perhaps a wipe down with a damp cloth. They don't like the cold weather; they will need a warm sweater in winter to keep them warm, and are known to appreciate a woolly scarf or two to wrap up in. When grooming, it is a good opportunity to check their tiny body and legs for any sore spots or injury. 

Another area to pay attention to is the alert twitching ear; infection can start easily deep within the ear, so gently wipe out the ear but never poke anything into it in case you cause damage. Their tiny feet are easily injured so check that they are not carrying an injury.

Clip their nails when required and twice or three times a week give their tiny teeth a good brushing. These tiny canines love attention and thrive on companionship, so they will love grooming time.

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Brushes for Prazsky Krysarik
Slicker Brush
Slicker Brush
Nail Clipper
Nail Clipper
Brushing Frequency
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Prazsky Krysarik requires weekly brushing
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Prazsky Krysarik Temperament

The Prazsky Krysarik is more than just a tiny dog, they are lively, alert, gentle and real characters who are treasured by their owners. They love games and children, and like to be part of the family. Companionship is important for this dog, they love their people and live for their family. This tiny pup is ideal for apartment living, but don't think you can get away with just inside fun and games. They love to go outside and explore. A daily walk is still a requirement for this dog but do take care that they are not bullied or pushed around by larger dogs. The Prazsky Krysarik hates the cold and may shiver because they have such thin skin. A bright and woolly sweater will be appreciated on colder days. Socializing and training are important for your pet, they need these vital skills which will make taking them out in public a pleasure. All dogs need to have some rules otherwise, boredom and behavioral problems can arise. Because the Prazsky Krysarik is such a willing-to-please dog, they learn new tricks reasonably fast, but patience may be needed until they learn new tasks. This small dog responds best to kind handling and a lot of praise and in return will shower you with love and affection.

Prazsky Krysarik Activity Requirements

Just because your Prazsky Krysarik is tiny, don't think they won't need a walk! This little pooch loves to get out and strut their stuff. They love all the attention they get and don't realize how small they really are. A well socialized Krysarik is not scared of larger dogs, they can stand up to them and overpower them with their spunky attitude! When out and about with your dog, take care that they are not hurt unintentionally during play with larger dogs. Games and training will also rate high with your Prazsky Krysarik - they are eager to please, and love praise and positive acknowledgment. Teach younger children how to play carefully with this small dog - their legs are delicate and small boned which can be injured easily. Warmer weather suits this canine, although a smart padded winter dog coat will be welcomed so that they can join in the winter games. Inside they love to play with the children, or curl up on a lap and accept all the cuddles they can.

Activity Level
low activity medium activity high activity
Low Medium High
Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week
7 miles
walk mileage
Minutes of Activity Per Day
60 minutes
activity minutes

Prazsky Krysarik Food Consumption

Cups Per Day
1 cups
cup per day cost
Daily Cost
$0.75 - $1.00
food bowls daily cost
Monthly Cost
$20.00 - $30.00
food bag monthly cost

Prazsky Krysarik Height & Weight

6 Months
Male Prazsky Krysarik size stats at six months
Height: 4.5 inches Weight: 2.5 lbs
Female Prazsky Krysarik size stats at six months
Height: 4.5 inches Weight: 2.5 lbs
12 Months
Male Prazsky Krysarik size stats at 12 months
Height: 7.0 inches Weight: 4.0 lbs
Female Prazsky Krysarik size stats at 12 months
Height: 7.0 inches Weight: 4.0 lbs
18 Months
Male Prazsky Krysarik size stats at 18 months
Height: 8.5 inches Weight: 5.5 lbs
Female Prazsky Krysarik size stats at 18 months
Height: 8.5 inches Weight: 5.5 lbs

Prazsky Krysarik Owner Experiences

6 Months
1 People
walking, playing fetch, running, exploring
A little concerned now that I see at 6 months he should only weigh 2.5 lbs and he is over 7 lbs
1 year, 2 months ago
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