Top 10 Dog Breeds Suitable for Young Kids

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There's nothing which makes a family more complete than having a fur baby in there pack. Having a pup just adds an extra touch of furrific harmony to the household. It's great for children to be around animals too. There is nothing which ever replaces the love of your first puppy. 

Deciding which breed of dog suits your family best is no easy task, and takes careful consideration before you finally take the plunge. If you're dithering about which dog breed is most suitable for young kids, don't. Here are some pawsome breeds which are puptastic with youngsters!


The puptastic Newfoundland have garnered a reputation over the years as being “the nanny” breed. This large pup may not change diapers or babysit, but they do adore children. They're gentle of nature, and the kids will love them, as they're just like huge cuddly and very hairy cushions.


Is it true that one of the best dog breeds to have in a family with children is a Boxer? It certainly is. These pawsome pups have a special affinity with kids which is inexplicable. They're puptastic fun to be around and make for a truly unfurgettable childhood fur buddy.

Labrador Retriever

If a dog breed was bred to be around children, then the Labrador Retriever would be it. This infinitely loving and gentle pup adores being part of a large family and can take all the rough and tumble kids can deliver without ever getting short tempered. They are seriously pawsome!
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Beagles are an incredibly intelligent breed which simply adore being in the company of children. In fact, they dote on the younger members of the household. Beagles are energetic and need super long walks in the park to tire them out, just like kids. They're woofderful additions to any family.

Bichon Frise

Having a family and a Bichon Frise can be counted as one of life's true blessings. These adorable pooches are like living, breathing teddy bears. Kids love them. They have superb natures and pawsome personalities, and they love to be pampered. You couldn't give a child a better fur friend.


A Mutt is the most loyal and loving fur buddy any family with children could ever ask for. Think total doggy devotion and you'll be on the right track. No matter what mix they are, there is a perfect one for any family. Adopt one from the local pup pound!

American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terriers are, without a doubt, one of the best family dogs ever. Male or female, they have natural parenting instincts and love being around kids. They are great protectors while being, at the same time, soft-natured and gentle muscular giants. These are pawsome pups who adore kiddie cuddles.


Labradoodles are pawtastic family fur friends. This woofderful Poodle and Labrador hybrid is one of the best breeds to have if you have small children. They have patience, compassion, intelligence, and adore being hugged. They don't shed hair either, so they don't make extra work around the house for busy mums.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are a breed of natural nurturers. These incredible pups make pawtastic family pets and love children. While they are often seen as aggressive, catch the crook K9's, these black and tan pooches have a gentle side too, and are just as good at nannying kids as Newfoundlands.


Pugs are breeds of pooches which fit in well with any family with children. These stocky little chaps are charismatic bundles of fun and will entertain any youngster for hours with their hilarious characters and antics. Yes, pugs are pooches who have personalities plus. Expect them to rule the household!