Top 15 Dog Names from History

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For your pawmazing new best friend, a simple Spot or Fluffy just won't do. How do you make your pup's name stand out like no other? Take page from history, and delve into the figures that we are still talking about, and who are as diverse and unique as the four-pawed creatures we love so much. Giving your doggo a famous moniker not only showcases their importance, but can also be a cute way to match their personality with a word or character that fits. What most dog owners come to find is that every doggy has a personality and style all their own.

For some dog owners, it’s enough to name their pupper after a famous or not so famous historic character that makes them think of their dog. People have done it for centuries. If your pup acts like royalty, maybe a Victoria is in order, or perhaps a Galileo for an inquisitive natured pup. An adventurer may remind you of Lewis or Clark- the pawsabilities are endless!

If you want to name your pooch after a historical character, below are some great ideas for you. Here are the top fifteen dog names from history.


Odysseus, or Ulysses, was the legendary Greek king of Ithaca and a warrior in the Trojan War. If you are searching for the name of a heroic legend with a pup twist, then Ulassie is excellent.


The first Roman Emperor was a celebrated military leader. Pawgustus is another great name for a pooch that is destined for unfurgettable things.


The first emperor of France, and one of the worlds greatest military leaders lends a pawrfect name for pupper destined for spectacular things, and this dog variant is simply pawrific!

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Winston Furchill

Winston Churchill was the British Prime Minister that led the Allies towards victory in World War II. Winston Furchill is another woofderful name for a pooch that is destined to be the leader of the pack.


Socrates was one of the greatest Greek philosophers’ and thinkers, and is a great name for a pooch that seems to be full of wisdom.


Helen of Troy, or simply Helen, was known to be quite the beautiful lady who may have indirectly caused the Trojan war. If you have a pooch that seems to be always a step behind a mess, then this may be just the name!

Jane Pawsten

Jane Austen was a great English novelist and quite a progressive woman in her time and maybe even by today's standards. Jane Pawsten is an excellent name for a pooch to celebrate this remarkable lady in history.


Paris was the son of the King and Queen of Troy. He is best known for eloping with Helen to Troy which led to the Trojan War. Pawris is a pawtastic name for a pooch that is also just a step behind utter chaos and disaster.


Delilah was a character in the Bible and the central figure of Samson's love story. This is another pawsome name for a pooch from a biblical, historical figure.  


Known simply as the Queen of Sheba, she was known to be the most beautiful woman that ever existed and a great leader to her people. Sheba is a great name for a pooch ordained to be pawsome.


Whether you are thinking of the planet or the Roman goddess, Venus is a great name to name a female pooch. The name is as attractive as the character behind the moniker.


Octavia was a sister of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus. The name has authority and a presence to it. If this reminds you of your pooch, then it may be a great match!

Benjamin Franklin

If you are looking for a great American historical figure, then you will be hard pressed to find a name more distinguished than Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of the U.S. You can name your pooch Benji to honor this great American. 


Ludwig van Beethoven was an amazing German composer, despite gradually becoming deaf. If there is something about your pooch that reminds you of greatness in the face of adversity, then Beethoven is a pawtacular name for your doggy.


Davey Crockett was an American frontiersman, soldier, politician, and folk hero. Just like the person, something is captivating about the sound of the name. Crockett is a furrific sounding name for a pooch.