Top 10 Food Inspired Dog Names

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Food is a basic necessity in our lives. It's recommended we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and over the years, it has become something much more than a need. Thanks to all the different kinds and varieties of cuisine out there, it has become a want for many of us. No wonder we want it so much, it has so many uses. It helps us when we're sad or depressed, we can impress people with special recipes, or even a romantic evening with a loved one.

For many of us, that loved one is our favorite pup, who would loyally accompany us on any food adventure we desire. Our dogs, with their happy and joyous personalities, always put a smile on our face and they are always there for us, just waiting for a crumb to fall. From dog-friendly restaurants, to picnics at the park, to a quiet dinner at home, our dogs are food connoisseurs who would never turn up their nose at any offering.

So it's no wonder that we would want to combine the two things, and give a unique food name to our favorite foodie pooch. Giving a dog the name of a food may sound silly, but some of the top food names really do fit, so Bone Appetit!


A Baguette is a long and narrow loaf of French Bread. These long pieces of golden food would fit perfectly for a Wiener dog or dachshund. 


This popular Japanese dish combines fruits, seafood, and veggies to make different variants of decorative foods. These colorful foods make a good name for dogs with bright personalities like Akitas or Siberian Huskies.


Biscuits are a perfect side dish for dinner and breakfast, so its no surpise your loyal sidekick might fit the name. This moniker would suit smaller, fluffy dogs like a Maltese or Bichon Frise.

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Waffles are a breakfast favorite thanks to their crisp and fluffy bodies, and sugary taste. With their golden color, the name Waffles would suit Golden or Labrador Retrievers perfectly.


Brownies are a favorite baked treat that brings smiles to all who eat them. Just like the food, this name suits sweet, but tiny pups like the Russkiy Toy or Griffon Bruxellois.


Cherries are a small red fruit with a sweet taste that also has the meaning of beloved in Latin. This name would suit any beloved and smaller pup, like Pomeranians or French Bulldogs.


Pumpkins are big orange fruits that are used for decorations for Halloween, and already make sweet nicknames for people. This food name also suits small, but affectionate pups, like the American Cocker Spaniel or Irish Setter.


This delicious herb adds a huge amount of taste to foods, and is known for its tender texture, and has also become a popular British man's name. Basil is a great name for pups who have a more sweet and gentle nature, like the English Mastiff or Newfoundland dog.


This sweet spice sweetens pastries and the American favorite, pumpkin pie. Its brown color will suit affectionate dogs like Beagles and Bulldogs.


Olives are a bitter-tasting fruit that are also known as a symbol of peace. This name is popular among humans and pups, and would fit peaceful dogs like the Greyhound and Great Dane.