Top 10 Well Behaved Small Dog Breeds

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You've decided you're ready to add a doggo to your family, and after much consideration, you've determined that a small breed is the way to go. While there are many different wooftastic breeds to choose from, one essential quality you are looking for in your new pooch is the ability to easily learn nearly pawrfect doggy manners. After all, if your new canine squeeze is going to accompany you everywhere you go, it's important they act appropriately. With so many pawsome breeds to choose from, are there some that are more well-behaved? Here are our tops picks for the best mannered pups around!

#1 Maltese

The Maltese is a gentle and amiable little fellow. Bred to be a companion dog, the Maltese's easy going ways make it a joy to live with. Highly trainable and possessed of a strong desire to please, you'll find the Maltese picks up nearly pawrfect doggy manners in no time at all!

#2 Pomeranian

If you're looking for a pint-sized dog that is big on personality, the Pomeranian is the pooch for you! Pomeranians thrive in the spotlight and love one on one time with their families. A breed with a mind all their own, you'll need to establish early on who is the boss. Once this is accomplished, you will find your Pomeranian eager to learn good manners!

#3 Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a stately little dog. With its penchant for politeness, it's no wonder this breed has taken up residence at Buckingham Palace for so many years! A highly intelligent and affectionate pooch, Corgis are also a herding breed who excel when given a job to do.
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#4 Pug

Who can resist the clownlike ways of the Pug? A dog that will want to stick right by your side like glue, this handsome little fellow makes a pawsitively delightful family pet! Keenly intelligent, the Pug will eagerly work for treats and learn its lessons well to become the best behaved dog in the whole neighborhood!

#5 Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu’s happy personality makes it a great fit for most families looking for a small, well-mannered pet. A breed that is exceptionally sweet-natured, it may take you a while to earn your Shih Tzu's trust. But once you have, you will be rewarded richly with a dog who loves to please you.

#6 Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier has been aptly named the "American gentleman." A sensitive dog known for being in touch with the emotions of its "person," the Boston Terrier is keen to charm with its naturally comical ways. Boston Terriers are a breed who are highly trainable, making them easily amenable to learning proper pooch manners.

#7 Bichon Frise

If you're looking for a dog as merry as Santa on Christmas Eve, you'll find what you are looking for in the Bichon Frise! The Bichon Frise is a cheerful little lad who is simply happy to be wherever you are. A breed that excels at obedience training, you will find your Bichon Frise quickly picks up the necessary skills to become a well-mannered pooch!

#8 Pekingese

A pooch with ancient origins, the Pekinese is renowned as being an exceptionally well-behaved companion. This furrific breed can be challenging to train due to its stubborn nature. Channelling the breed's independent spirit, appropriately coupled with lots of yummy treats and consistency is the winning formula for teaching this charming breed proper doggy petiquette.

#9 Skye Terrier

A typical terrier, the Skye Terrier is an attention-seeking breed that craves the spotlight and can be prone to mischief. Skye Terriers are a breed who do best when with their people. A doggo of an independent spirit, the Skye needs an owner who is both consistent and clear in training. Under these conditions, a Skye Terrier can become a pooch you can take anywhere!

#10 Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel

A dog who is free with kisses and who loves to play with its family, the Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel is a breed that is pure love. If cudding is on your wish list of doggo qualities, this is the pooch for you! You'll find this enchanting little spaniel full of devotion, making it particularly attuned to learning whatever you have in mind.