Top Dog Names of 2020 in Canada

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2020 saw a rise in pet adoptions, not just in the US but for our Canadian neighbors too. The influx of "pandemic puppies" ushered in some interesting names choices for four-footed Canadians. These name trends took inspiration from pop culture icons and embraced the basics with classic names like Max and Lucy. 

Choosing a dog name is one of the first decisions pet parents make for their pets, and it's also one of the most important. Choosing the right name — "pawferably" one with no more than 1 or 2 syllables — can increase your dog's responsiveness to commands. 

So how did Canadians do with their name choices in 2020? We'll let you be the judge. Here are the top dog names of 2020 in Canada!


This short and sweet name comes from the Latin word for "beautiful" and is the lead character's name in "Twilight," a hit book-turned-movie series. This name is well-suited for pups with bright eyes and a long luxurious coat.


Charlie is a shortened form of Charles, which translates to "free man" from German. Charlie is the "pawfect" name for a free-spirited dog that makes their own rules!


If you're into astronomy or mythology, this Latin-derived name meaning "moon" might be a good fit for your fur-baby. Luna is the name of a Roman goddess and a quirky but lovable character from Harry Potter.

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Max is an excellent name for a doggy daredevil. This name, meaning "greatest" in Latin, is short but mighty and befitting a dog that shares those same traits.


There's some debate over the meaning of the name Milo, with some experts claiming it means "soldier," whereas others say it means "merciful." Either way, Milo makes an adorable name for any dog.


Need a name for a puppy that's the light of your life? The Latin-derived name Lucy means just that!


The name Molly has a few different meanings, including "bitter", "star of the sea", and "rebellious". Regardless of what name meaning you subscribe to, Molly is a cute and catchy name for a feminine woofer.


Cooper, meaning "barrel maker," climbed the ranks of top baby names in the '80s, and its popularity has since spilled over into the pet community. Cooper is a "grrreat" name for outdoorsy doggos.


Leo, meaning "lion" in Latin, is a "furrific" name for fearless woofers with mane-like fur. History is full of famous Leos, from 13 different Pope Leos to award-winning Hollywood actors like Leo DiCaprio and Leo McKern.


Buddy is a classic dog name that has been popular for decades. This name is a "wooftastic" choice for puppies who follow every step their pet parents take.