Top 10 Small Dog Names

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The American Kennel Club defines small dogs as those 20 pounds and under. There's an estimated over 28 million small breed dogs residing in the United States, meaning there's a lot of adorable petite pups to name! You've probably already heard the most common names at the dog park. But how can your pup stand out? Giving your petite pup a name that shines has several factors. 

First, what are the kinds of names that dogs respond to? Dogs prefer shorter names in general. Remember, they don't speak English. They have to pick their name out of all the other sounds we make in a day! Small dog names should be as short as they are in general. 

It's not always about function over form, though. Small dogs tend to have big personalities. The right name can capture their quirks. You may have to get to know your new pup before settling on a permanent name for them. 

Lastly, small breeds are prime targets for humorous names. Give your tiny fur-baby a grandiose name! A name that references how big and fierce your fluff-ball is always gets a smile. What small dog doesn't want to bring smiles? Check out this list of our top names for small dogs to put a grin on your face too! 

#1 Bear

This name has the ironic humor of a tongue in cheek name, but without actually having to shout "Come here, Killer!" at the dog park. Definitely an improvement.

#2 Joy

Joy is a perky name for a perky pup. Good things come in small packages!

#3 Speck

Speck means "a small piece or amount". It's the pawfect name for a tiny doggie pal!
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#4 Cricket

If your pooch is a noise maker, but still cute as a small button, Cricket may just be the ticket!

#5 Minnie

Not only does this name lend itself to your small doggo's size, but it is also just a cute name for girl who's full of fursonality!

#6 Cinnamon

Definitely for the most pawdorable of the bunch, this name would be pawfect for your Yorkie or Toy Poodle. A little bit of Cinnamon goes a long way!

#7 Chico

This Spanish word for small child is pawfect for your little cutey. Chico may be just the name for your spunky Chihuahua!

#8 Zeus

The theme behind this name could apply to any mythology cycle. From Zeus to Athena, and Freya to Thor, it's always going to be cute to see a small dog with a powerful name!

#9 Peanut

On the other side of the size spectrum is Peanut, which pawfectly speaks to your little furball's size. It's also furbulous for those pups who are just a little nutty!

#10 Stitch

For that goofy small pup in your life who keeps you in stitches, this moniker definitely displays the fun side of your furry bestie. Stitch would also be adorable for tri-color or Harlequin pooches.