Top Dog Beaches in Virginia Beach, VA

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Virginia Beach is a popular vacationers' destination, and like dog-lovers everywhere, many of them bring their fur-babies along. The great news is that doggos are welcomed here with open paws, and only a few reasonable restrictions! The public beaches here are renowned for their beauty, and all but the North End Beach allows pups on the sand until 10 am, and after 6 pm in the summer, and everywhere all the time during the off-season (between Labor Day and Memorial Day!) So dig out that beach umbrella and sand chair, grab some water and hit the beach on these top beaches in Virginia Beach.

#4 Sandbridge Beach

This beach on a narrow isthmus at the southernmost tip of Virginia Beach is quiet and family-oriented. Known by some as the Outer Banks of Virginia, this area features both ocean and bayside beachfront with access for puppers year-round. Not as resort'ish as the public beaches further north, Sandbridge lacks nothing for a dog and family who are in search of privacy, relative quiet and lots of sand and sea to play in!

#3 Chicks (Chic's) Beach

Whether you spell it Chic's or Chicks, this beach on Chesapeake Bay is pup-friendly, clean and features diving birds and yukky seaweed that Fido will love, along with dolphinsĀ  swimming near the shore! While you won't find shell-picking very productive here, cavorting with your leashed fur-buddy on the quieter Bay side of Virginia Beach will delight! Beachside cafes with open areas love hosting puppers, so spend the day, have a meal, and go home happy!

#2 North End Beach

Above 42nd Street, Virginia Beach's public beach is a dog's dream, where a leashed Fido can roam year-round and all day every day! On the sand, or on the boardwalk, pups can truly feel like members of the family! The two-legged family members need to pay attention to Fido's contributions and promptly clean them up! Whether the pup trots calmly alongside, or makes dizzying circles around their human, lots of furry fun can be had here!
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#1 First Landing State Park Beach

At theĀ convergence of Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, this furbulous beach welcomes leashed pups. Generally uncrowded, with calm water and easy access, this is the pawrfect spot for families with 4-legged members! Fido will love swimming in the Bay and laying in the sand, or sniffing out seaweed and other debris. Views of the pawsome Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel will mesmerize as vehicles disappear into a tunnel under a ship channel, only to reappear further on!