Top Dog Trails near Los Angeles, CA

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Welcome to Los Angeles. Put some sunglasses on and get ready to see the sights. Furget sniffing up and down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, though, or trying to traverse the crowded Santa Monica Pier. Savvy people and their pups know that one of the most pawsome ways to spend a day in L.A. is to go for a hike. Leave your car and the puparazzi behind while you discover just how wild this city can be. Mountains, waterfalls, urban wildlife sightings, and majestic ocean views await you and your dog, even if you never leave the city limits.

Tuna Canyon Park Trail

It's a testament to just how many pawsome trails there are in L.A. that Tuna Canyon isn't better known. Bring your pup here to share a secret delight: some of the best views of the Pacific coast in the region. The panoramic view from near the top of the Tuna Canyon Park Trail stretches from Santa Monica Bay to Malibu. Also be sure to check out the stone labyrinth lovingly crafted by local hikers.

Red Rocks Overlook Trail

Even though they're just a short drive west of downtown, you might furget you're in L.A. as you hike the unique trails in Red Rock Canyon Park. The red sandstone cliffs, boulders, caves, and spires along the Red Rocks Overlook Trail seem more like scenery you'd expect to see in Arizona or Utah. You'll encounter few tourists while getting glimpses into the area's ecological diversity and history, including shell fossils from when L.A. was an inland sea.

Escondido Canyon Trail

Pull off of the Pacific Coast Highway to enjoy the relatively short two-mile hike along the Escondido Canyon Trail. Your pup is sure to thank you with a wagging tail. This pawrific trail takes you through vibrant wildflower fields, under sprawling oaks, and up ocean-facing cliffs. You'll end your hike at the majestic 150-foot-tall Escondido Falls, the highest waterfall in the Santa Monica Mountains.
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Solstice Canyon Trail

Solstice Canyon is a beautiful park off of the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu that's pupular for its ocean views. Its wide and relatively flat Canyon Trail is a great choice for an easygoing hike that's more about the scenery than the cardio. The Canyon Trail passes by a lovely waterfall, fields of wildflowers, and the ruins of a burned-down mansion called "Tropical Terrace."

Franklin Canyon Lake Loop Trail

Massive Franklin Canyon Park boasts over five miles of trails. Hiking here feels like a total escape, with hundreds of acres of forests and a tranquil lake to explore. Duck herders will delight in all the aquatic avian friends they'll be able to meet along the Franklin Canyon Lake Loop Trail. Just be sure to keep your dog on a leash per park regulations and out of respect for local wildlife.

Bantam Trail in the Trebek Open Space

As you hike your way up the green hills on the Bantam Trail in the Trebek Open Space, a thought might come to you in the form of a question. Yes, the park is named for *that* Trebek, who donated this 62-acre area to the L.A. community. The Bantam Trail can be found a mile off Hollywood Boulevard, and is a packed dirt path leading out of the canyon. At the top of the ridge, you can enjoy pawtastic views of the Hollywood Hills.

Betty B. Dearing Trail

Wilacre Park is the best place to start the four-mile-long Betty B. Dearing Trail, which continues through Coldwater Canyon Park and Fryman Canyon Park. It's less crowded than trails in nearby Runyon Canyon and Griffith Parks and more lushly forested. Come to "Wild Acres" for all the wildlife and wildflowers you'll spot! On your way, stop by TreePeople, a local conservation group that hosts group dog walks on the second Saturday of every month.

Westridge Trail and Upper Canyonback Trail

Westridge Trail and Upper Canyonback Trail are two of the most pupular dog-friendly trails in the Los Angeles area are located within sprawling Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park. In addition to guiding you through gorgeous mountain scenery and past an abandoned Nike missile site, what makes these hikes so pawsome is the rare perk they offer: the chance to go leash-free! Well-behaved dogs are welcome to sniff out their own route through the wildflowers as long as they stay close to you.

Hollywood Sign via Griffith Park Trail

There are many ways to see the iconic Hollywood sign, but this hike is the best. Not only will you avoid the controversy associated with hiking routes that require parking in residential neighborhoods, you can also add a detour to Bronson Cave, the site of the Batcave from the 1960s Batman television series. It's up to you to decide whether you and your dog should wear capes and look to the sky for a paw-shaped signal.

West and East Trails in Runyon Canyon Park

Angelenos love to take their dogs to pupular and Instagram-friendly Runyon Canyon Park. Some come for one of the only off-leash hikes in Los Angeles while others come for the people-watching and pup-spotting. It's as common to see celebrities walking their dogs here. Hike Runyon Canyon's looping trails to see everything from wildflower-rich canyons and chaparral-studded hillsides to the city skyline and the Hollywood sign.