Top 10 Large Dog Names

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If you have lots of room in your heart for a very large pup, you will need a name to go along with that great big lug! Naming a dog is a hefty undertaking to make sure their label correctly depicts their love of life and their endearing qualities. Owning a large breed dog is everything but a small undertaking. And considerable thought should be taken to make sure their name goes along with their looks and size. It should speak loudly without distracting, and will furever help them make their way in the doggy world. Practice saying it often so that it rolls off the tongue. If you find yourself having a hard time repeating it three times fast, then you might want to move on to another title. Also, sticking with a one-to-two syllable name works best for pups so they can distinguish it easily as their call to duty! Steer away from names that instill a sense of insignificance for this large dog, like Fifi or Peanut. To help you make this pawtastically enormous decision, consult our Top 10 Large Breed Dog Names list to narrow down your masculine and feminine choices.


Reminiscent of a world-class flying wonder, this big dog will love his name. Ace is the brilliant one whose champion bloodlines say it all with off-the-chart intelligence and stamina.


Jack always shows up at the right time! This strong name which means ‘man’ exudes superior intelligence and will always be a pup you can count on. No matter how large, this name will suit them all.


This designation will suit a pup who can get in and out of a situation without harm. Quick witted, but steadfast on what they want to do, Ninja will have an unwavering attitude with everything they do. 

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If your pup is an extra hefty fellow, then Tank would be a great choice of names. This guy will be called in when the going gets tough to handle the slightest problem.  


You can always count on Zack, short for Zachariah or Zachery, which is a heavenly name. They are strong, bold and sometimes defiant, but with a heart of gold.  


Bess is a biblical name which is short and sweet, but a powerhouse just the same. A great name for a Pyrenees or Mastiff, Bess will have an enormous amount of love to share with their furever human.


A fan favorite for years, Casey is perfect for any guy or gal that can hold their weight in any disagreement. They have a definition of right and wrong, and they are always spot-on in what they do.  


A sign of the horoscope, this pup will be a bit unpredictable. Gemini is supposed to be a twin, so you will never really know who you’re dealing with! A solid name for an unyielding pup.


Although a little longer than most names, this pup will dazzle the crowds with a magnificence all their own. Scottish for ‘fair,’ Makenzie is a regal name that fits any large pup with dazzling features.


Star-studded and always shining brightly, this pup will have a sparkle in their step. Large as life is the image they will portray, and every other pup will stop and stare!