Top Dog Trails near Portland, OR

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The Portland area is bursting with forests, parks and dog-friendly trails! And dogs! It seems everyone has one, city dwellers included. So it's not a surprise that Portlanders are on a constant search for places to hike with their furbabies, and the area around the city doesn't disappoint! From city parks outfitted with long and short trails, both urban and woodsy, to deep forest and oceanside trails bordering on the primitive, Portland provides many places to escape busy lives and refresh bored doggos. Some are a few miles from downtown, but most pups love car rides, so that will just be part of the fun!

#1 Peter Skene Ogden Trail

After a short drive to LaPine, you'll find this trail in the Deschutes National Forest, as it follows furbulous Paulina Creek to barktiful Paulina Lake. Several waterfalls pop up here and there, where Fido can splash, one of which forms a natural water slide for people and strong-swimming puppers to enjoy! Watch out for snow and ice, even in summer. Boots and coats for everyone! Cougars and bears might further spice up your hike! Arf!

#2 Wildwood Trail

In the heart of Portland lies this furtastic 30-mile trail that stretches through Forest Park, but begins in Washington Park with its monuments and historic landmarks. While this first 5 miles may not impress the pooch much, interest will soar as the trail heads into the forest with its scores of local birds, rummaging squirrels and chipmunks, and lots of underbrush to "nose-read!"  It's an urban trail that minimizes the urban location.

#3 Badger Creek Trail

If bugs and bears, wildflowers and stunning rock formations are what you and Fido crave, this trail along Badger Creek is your pawrfect main course!  A furvorite among Portlanders, the 11-mile hike with a 3000-foot climb will please serious 2- and 4-footed hiking buddies! There's camping for those who want to spend more time here, or who don't want to do the hour-long drive twice in a day! A furbulous wilderness hike!
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#4 Tillamook Head Trail

Dog-lovers and their furry besties who love solitude won't be disappointed on this trail in Cannon Beach! It might take 8 hours or longer to go from one end to the other because of frequent foggy and muddy trail conditions, and more than 2000 foot climb, but the furtastic views of crashing waves on the rocky coastline and the peacefulness of the deep forest make it a must-do for fit dogs and their humans.

#5 Tahkenitch Dunes Trail

It's said that variety is the spice of life, and this trail in nearby Gardiner offers furbulous diversity! It's only 2 miles long, but passes through picturesque forestland and along beaches. Its mild elevation change is easy, and walking on the sand of the dunes, though sometimes tedious, is part of its charm. Take your fur-baby for a swim in the ocean, roll down the dunes, or sit and watch the sunset while sharing a snack.

#6 Elkhorn Crest Trail

Elkhorn Crest Trail is a somewhat difficult hike, but fit humans and their doggos will love its pawsome views of the surrounding mountains and valleys! Fido's favorites will be the elk and mountain goats picking their way along the alpine meadows and deep forest! Rising 1300 feet above Baker City, the 23-mile trek is not an easy stroll, but for canine mountain goats, it's  Paradise! You won't find a lot of people here, so enjoy the solitude!

#7 Round Mountain Trail

If you and your pupper are up to a challenge, there's no better hike than Round Mountain Trail in Prineville, which goes up and down over Round Mountain's 7000-foot summit. The steep climbs are not for the faint of heart, or teeny furries! The final push to the 7000-foot summit of Round Mountain is rocky, best for sure-footed doggos. Forest and meadows delight here, and wildlife abounds. Be sure to hang onto that leash!

#8 Marine Drive Trail

This paved trail across the Columbia River from Vancouver is a popular destination for dogs and dog-lovers of all types and fitness levels. Its 11 miles are flat and easy on the paws, and your pooch's interest will be piqued by the waterfowl and other birds you'll see along the way! Travelling through the Kelly Point State Park, the trail features side trails to the river, lush meadows and pawsome views of Mount Hood in the distance.

#9 Washington Park Loop

If you and your furry buddy live within Portland's city limits, it'll be a short trip to Washington Park's 3-mile loop near the city center. Often shrouded in mist and fog, this mossy forest enchants with its odd echoes and dripping trees, and Fido will perk up his ears often to hear the squirrels and other creatures that live here! Basically an easy walk in the park, this is a fave of Portlanders and their canine companions!

#10 Cathedral Park Loop

Anyone interested in the soaring beauty of a bridge viewed from ground level will love this urban stroll. The ornate St.John Bridge over the Willamette River looms above and is often wreathed in fog and mist, making it even more magical! The rest of the 2-mile trail will please your fur-pup, too, with its level path and lush greenery where small mammals rustle about and birds twitter in the trees above! Keep the pup leashed!