Top 10 Dog Breeds for Young Adults

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Growing up can be hard for kids, especially when you grow into your teens and into young adulthood. With school, social standards, and home life stresses, it's always great to get a companion for when things get tough. Dogs are friendly, understanding, and loving, and no matter what, will always help keep you company in your young life. Although with plenty of responsibilities to worry about, there are certain breeds who can better handle those situations and tensions that come along with their owner growing up. Check out our top breeds to get as a young adult listed below.

#1 Labrador Retriever

No matter your situation, one of the best breeds to get is the Labrador Retriever. Now only are these pups a top breed in many countries, their easy temperament and trainable personality make them fabulous pets for any age. They have plenty of energy and will require some outdoor time, which will give you a chance to get outside and get some exercise too.

#2 Pug

The pug is a small and well-mannered breed of dog, and will be sure to be loved whether you're living with parents or on your own for the first time. Not only are they a bit goofy and playful, but they also listen easily and are eager to please their owners. Only requiring short walks, these pups prefer indoor activities to outside ones.

#3 Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a great breed no matter what your age is, thanks to their adaptable personality and love for everyone and everything. They are good with young adults and children, and after a bit of training, will be a great companion even if they have to stay indoors for a while.
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#4 German Shepherd

When you bring a German Shepherd home, be prepared to get outside and play with this pup. These dogs are great listeners and are highly trainable, and working with them can be great at relieving stress. Not only do they make good guard dogs, their relaxed temperment make them great snuggle buddies when you need someone to hang on to.

#5 Collie

Collies are high-energy dogs that were originally bred to be sheep herders. They love to play and be active, and are generally affectionate and friendly. They are sociable with other pups and humans, and make great indoor pets. These pups will really love you and aim to protect you wherever you are.

#6 Welsh Corgi

The Welsh Corgi is a small to medium-sized dog with happy faces and short legs. They are pretty adorable when you see their smiles, and no doubt will warm your heart and body after some snuggle time. They aren't prone to barking and are easy to control, making them obedient dogs.

#7 Newfoundland

Newfoundland pups are some of the biggest pups in the world and can grow up to 100 to 150 pounds under a big, fluffy coat. Although these pups are huge, they are great for young adults thanks to their laid-back and calm attitude. They have moderate exercise requirements and will remain sociable and loving to their people.

#8 Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are another large breed that can grow up to 180 pounds, and are known as rescue dogs in the Swiss Alps after avalanches. Despite their large size, these big pups are very gentle and loving. Not only do they love to lay around and cuddle, but they don't require a lot of outside or playtime, and will be loyal and obedient after training.

#9 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are best known for their love for laps. They are light and have fluffy soft coats which are perfect to pet and cuddle when they are relaxing on your lap. They are generally calm and reserved indoors, although they do enjoy playtime and long walks.

#10 Papillon

The Papillon's small size is perfect for family homes or apartments. This pup is generally friendly to everyone, especially to other pups or strangers. They aren't prone to bark and will mostly enjoy a good treat from time to time, or some time to cuddle. Their fur does require brushing, but is also soft to pet and snuggle against.