Top 10 Dog Names in Washington DC


No one would blame you for expecting that the nation's capital is all about restricted spaces, tight security, and historical museums. In actual fact, Washington D.C. is quite the o-paw-site! D.C. is one of the dog-friendliest cities across the nation. Whether you are looking for a dog-friendly restaurant or bar, an off-leash or on-leash park, a dog-friendly shopping mall or maybe even a hotel that offers dog treats, a dog bed, toys, or disposable pick-up bags, Washington has almost anything that you could expect as a dog owner.

To dog owners, the place is like dog-heaven. Some say that the presence of pricey dog-friendly amenities in D.C. are a representation of the wealth in the state. Others feel that the plethora of services are driven by the demand created by all the pooches in the city that need to be pampered. Whatever the case may be, you owe it to yourself and your furry friend to explore all that D.C. has to offer.

If you take your barker to any of the popular doggy-spots across the state, it is wise to make sure that your doggo answers to your call. Here is some in-fur-mation of the top names that dogs in Washington go by! 

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Bella is a popular name meaning ‘beautiful’ in Italian. The name is furrific for any female doggy that loves the fine life at Washington DC's dog spas, friendly restaurants and dog parks.


Max is a pawfect name that suits a male dog of almost any temperament. The name means ‘greatest,’ and there is no shortage of inspiration for choosing this name for your Washington DC-based pup.


For a female pupper that loves to shine or be the ‘show-stopper,’ this lunar derived name is a pawtastic choice for a citizen of a city of show-stopping legislature.


If your pooch is outgoing and eager to please, then Charlie, a name meaning ‘free’ is a pawtastic choice for a male or female pup that loves to explore Washington DC’s outdoors.


If your female pooch has a beaming attitude, then Lucy is a pawfect name since it means ‘shiny’ or ‘born at dawn or daylight.’ Let your pooch reflect the vibrancy of the capitol.


Bailey is another popular name for a female doggo. The word has French and English roots and means ‘able’. This name is a pawfect choice to give a girl that is ready to explore dog parks and trails in this bustling town!


Lola is a female name with Spanish and German origins and means ‘sorrows.’ The name is just right for a furry friend that has a calm, but also crazy personality. 


If you have an industrious pup, then Cooper is the perfect name. The name has English roots meaning ‘barrel maker,’ which makes it an occupational name for a pup that is just as industrious as Washington DC.


Daisy is a pawrific name since it means ‘day’s eye’ and refers to the yellow center in a daisy flower that looks like the sun. Washington is also the political center of the country, so it’s the pawfect name for a pup born in D.C.


Teddy is a universal name that can be given to either a male or female barker. The name comes from the Greek word ‘Theodora’ which means ‘God’s gift,' and is a pawfect match for a furry, cuddly friend that loves to explore all that D.C. has to offer.