Top 8 Rarest Dog Breeds

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When you hear the word ‘dog,’ chances are your mind immediately pictures a well known breed like Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, or Pug. After all, these beloved pups are some of the most pupular types of canines. But outside the confines of the mainstream breeds, lies the rare, unique, and often expensive. Sometimes they come from far off lands. Other times they are a bit pricey. Or maybe they are just hard to come by. Whatever the case may be, rare dog breeds have an extra special quality that is sure to melt your heart. Check out these top rarest dog breeds. 


If you’ve never heard of this breed, it’s time you were acquainted. This pup can trace its heritage back to ancient Persia, where its ancestors were used for protecting sheep. Its coat is made up of three types of hair that easily tangle and mat to form the breed’s trademark dreadlocks. 


This shaggy looking pup originated from across the pond. Originally bred for hunting otters in the United Kingdom, they have a thick coat and webbed feet. Unfurtunately, its pupulation has drastically declined, making it one of the rarest breeds. Friendly and outgoing, this breed is curious and can be a lot of dog to handle. 


The Mudi is a gorgeous little pup that comes from Hungary. Known for their impeccable herding abilities, this breed is intelligent, spunky, and hard working. Though they are in the mid range of size, Mudis have a large bark that can put livestock into place, or keep an intruder away from the house. 

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English Foxhound

You may be surprised to find out that the English Foxhound is a rare breed. Don’t let their sweet faces fool you. While they look like they may be up for a cuddle, these pups are interested in one thing and one thing only: the chase. And their athletic frames and excellent sense of smell make them perfectly up to the task. 

Norwegian Lundehund

As you may have guessed, this breed hails from Norway. But what you may not know is that they are the oldest of the Nordic dog breeds. In times gone by, you may have seen them scurrying across steep cliffs while hunting for puffins or helping out their Viking owners. Today, they are pawsome hiking partners that love being outside. 

Finnish Spitz

This spry little pup comes from Finland, so it feels right at home in colder climates. As an ancient hunting breed, these dogs are intelligent, athletic, and very courageous. Since they can be on the protective side, they are best suited for a family without two legged children. They are quite energetic and need plenty of exercise. 


Looking for a doggo to pull your sled? That’s what the Chinook lives for! Well, sled pulling and spending time with their family. This breed is known for its strength and agility, and has been used for sled dog racing and drafting. But they also have a softer side and are great with children. 

Skye Terrier

Don’t be fooled by this breed’s size. They may be small, but they are full of spunk and have courage that just won’t quit. Originally bred for hunting foxes, these pups hail from Scotland’s remote Isle of Skye.  They are incredibly agile and devoted to their people. Since they have a stubborn streak, training is a must.