Top 10 Dog Breeds for Retirees

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One of the furrific things about retiring is having enough spare time to take on company in the form of a fur baby. Fur buddies are puptastic at encouraging you to get out and about too, and you'll meet other dog lovers while you do it. There is no better exercise than taking your doggo for a walk. It keeps you, and them fit at the same time. Don't worry about not having as much energy as you used to, as not all dog breeds require the same level of commitment. What are the most pawsome dog breeds for retirees? Read on to find the top breeds!


Poodles are the pawfect pup for retirees. The toy or miniature sizes don't require much living space or great amounts of pup-sercise. That's not to say they don't love walks, they do and will happily accompany you anywhere. Poodle pups don't shed hair either. That's pawsome – less cleaning to do!


If you like to have peace and quiet at home now you've retired, the Greyhound is the pawfect choice of pup for you. In the house, they love to snooze all day and are one of the quietest doggos ever. So quiet, you'll have to check if they're still there.

West Highland Terrier

If you need a good reason to get out of your armchair now you've retired, a West Highland Terrier's exuberant energy will be more than enough. This puptastic fur buddy has boundless energy and a strong character. They love exploring and will demand you take them out for a walk.
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Shih Tzu

If you love watching afternoon TV, then the Shih Tzu will be the furry companion for you. They like nothing better than sitting on your lap for cuddles, and for exercise, they enjoy short, gentle strolls. They're not averse to a bath and will keep you occupied with grooming.


If you've downsized your property after retiring, but still want a fur buddy for company, Pomeranians are pa-some companions. They're puptastically petite, don't need much space or exercise, and have great characters that will keep you endlessly entertained. Pop a Pomeranian in a travel bag, and they'll accompany you anywhere.


The Maltese breed are low maintenance pups which are furbulous for retirees. They're so cute; they're great conversation openers when you're out walking them too. No one can resist stopping to pet a Maltese. They've got quiet, gentle natures and don't need much space, just your lap and they're happy.


If you're a retiree who prefers to be outdoors, why not adopt a Mutt from your local shelter. These pawsome crossbreeds are the best pet you could hope for. Small, medium or large, they all love to get out and about and will repay your care with oodles of love.

French Bulldog

If you're a retiree with time and patience, you'll love having a French Bulldog during your senior years. This feisty breed make woofderful fur buddies, but require perseverance when it comes to training. You'll adore their “I know more than you” expression and have endless fun proving otherwise. They're pup-tastic!


The charismatic Chihuahuas are furrific fur buddies for any retiree. Almost small enough to fit in your pocket, these cheeky characters know how to steal your heart. You can take them anywhere or just stay home and cuddle on the sofa; the Chihuahua will be more than content with either.


If you're planning on having an active retirement, a Whippet is a pawrific choice of fur buddy. These medium-sized pups adore exercise and are never happier than when walking by their pet parents side. Short-haired, graceful and delicate of bone structure, they don't need much indoor space to be comfortable.