Top 10 Goofiest Dog Names

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Is your dog really goofy? Or maybe it’s you who is goofy, like to act goofy, or people say you are goofy. Whatever your reason, finding a goofy name for your canine kid should be pretty easy because there are a lot of impawsibly funny and goofy dog names out there. In fact, there are probably more goofy dog names than there are normal ones like Spot or Fido. Take a cue from recent popular baby names, such as Apple, Blanket, North, Pilot, Saint, and Zolten. 

Seriously, nobody really gives their dog a normal, ordinary name anymore because they are just too common, and we all tend to want to be unique, so we want our dog to be unique too. Some of the strange names that will make you think twice are Mary Puppins, Dunkin Butterbeans, Jabba the Butt, Yeti Spaghetti, Ozzy Pawsborn, Potato Chip, Doppler Effect, and Winnie the Poodle. These are all some really silly names, but you also have to think of what they may mean to others who hear you calling your dog to come in. Like if you name your dog Stain. Don’t do that. Here are the top 10 goofiest dog names to help you out on your journey to the pawrfect, but hilarious name for your best pal. 

Deogie (D-O-G)

Yes, this is the number one goofy name because you are actually naming your dog, Dog. And some people don’t get it, which makes it even funnier.


Think about it. When someone asks you what your dog’s name is, you say “Askem,” or “Askir.”

Hairy Pawter

Everyone knows who Harry Potter is, and this goofy pun is just furfect for any pooch, whether you like the Harry Potter movies or not.
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Bark Twain

Even if you don’t know who Mark Twain is, this is a cute play on words. But, if you really don’t know who he is, Google it.


Star Wars is a big deal again, and if you have a furry pooch, this name is furfect.

Droolius Caesar

A lot of people don’t know who Julius Caesar is either, but this goofy name still fits many drooling dogs.


Yes, this is one of the high-tech names that would never have existed 20 or 30 years ago. But, thanks to Twitter and Jimmy Fallon, it is a cute goofy name now.

Bacon Bitz

All dogs like Bacon, right? So why not name your dog what he likes to eat?


This is actually pretty cute and is furfect for those pawsome poochies who like to let that gas go whenever you come in the room. Or is it just a goofy name?


Another high-tech name that would have never been understood before the 1990s. Google it.