Top 10 Goofiest Dog Names

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Is your dog really goofy? Or maybe it’s you who is goofy, like to act goofy, or people say you are goofy. Whatever your reason, finding a goofy name for your canine kid should be pretty easy because there are a lot of impawsibly funny and goofy dog names out there. In fact, there are probably more goofy dog names than there are normal ones like Spot or Fido. Take a cue from recent pupular baby names, such as Apple, Blanket, North, Pilot, Saint, and Zolten. 

Seriously, nobody really gives their dog a normal, ordinary name anymore because they are just too common, and we all tend to want to be unique, so we want our dog to be unique too. Some of the strange names that will make you think twice are Mary Puppins, Dunkin Butterbeans, Jabba the Butt, Yeti Spaghetti, Ozzy Pawsborn, Potato Chip, Doppler Effect, and Winnie the Poodle. These are all some really silly names, but you also have to think of what they may mean to others who hear you calling your dog to come in. 

Here are the top 10 goofiest dog names to help you out on your journey to the pawrfect, but hilarious name for your best pal. 

#1 Nugget

Pawfect for your little furball, but even funnier when attached to a giant doggo! Who's your giant Nugget?

#2 Yoshi

Made pupular by the Super Mario Brothers game series, this green dragon is Mario's loyal sidekick. Furrific for your adventure pup!

#3 Cheddar

Got a pup who'll eat anything? Or maybe is just yellow? Cheddar is fun and speaks to the silly quirks of your doggo.
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#4 Bark Twain

Even if you don’t know who Mark Twain is, this is a cute play on words. Could be pawrific for a talker, or your best cuddle bud when engrossed in a book.

#5 Astro

This space dog from 'The Jetsons' got to have some zany adventures, but the name also means celestial objects. If your pup is the star in your life, Astro may be the name for them.

#6 Taco

Another food name, Taco is just funny for any size pup, especially those who love to eat. It would fit a Chihuahua woofderfully too.

#7 Jabba

Got a giant, drooly Newfie or Bulldog? This intergalactic leader who can barely fit in a room could be just the name. Even funnier on a tiny dog who thinks they are in charge.

#8 Barkley

Got a dog who just loves to share his voice? Barkley could pawfectly describe this trait, or attest to your doggo's athleticism too.

#9 Attila

Attila the Hun swept across Europe with his horseback tribe to conquer many lands. While great for your warrior pup, this name would be even goofier for a shy doggo who would rather lick than bite.

#10 Hashtag

This is a high-tech name that would never have existed 20 years ago, but thanks to Twitter and Jimmy Fallon, it is a cute goofy name now. For a techie's best furball.