Top 10 Dog Names in Canada

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You will definitely notice that Canadians love dogs because of how many people have them in their homes. In fact, it is estimated that there are 7.6 million dogs in Canada, according to the Canadian Animal Health Institute. That is more than the number of children in Canada, which was only 5.8 million in 2017, which shows how much Canadians love their furry babies!

Canada also has some of the best dog fur-iendly places to visit, including hundreds of beaches, restaurants, and parks. You can take your furry buddy with you on any of the BC ferries for a scenic trip across the Strait of Georgia to 47 different ports. They also offer carriage rides with accommodations for your pooch around the waterfront, Beacon Hill Park, and Chinatown. 

You and your fur baby will also find some pawesome hiking or biking trails that allow dogs as long as they're leashed and well-controlled. Your pupster will enjoy sniffing the local scents of the wild, and you can enjoy the beauty of the natural Canadian outdoors. Canadians also have some of the cutest names for their canine kids, and we have searched for and listed the top ten here for you. 


From the Latin meaning star, this name is the shortened form of Estelle. Your shining girl will lighten your way on one of Canada's many hiking trails.


From the Hebrew word noach, which means rest or comfort. Your canine kid will enjoy knowing that his name is a Canadian comfort for you.


This pretty name is Spanish for beautiful, and Latin for fair. Your beautiful Bella can walk the streets of Canada with her fair head held high.
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Zeus was a Greek God and also means shine or sky in Indo-European. The other Canadian pups will be jealous of your Zeus, who is definitely a Greek God to you.


Often referred to as Delores, it means sorrows in Spanish. You and Delores can share some Spanish food at one of the dog fur-iendly Canadian specialty restaurants.


Greek for man, this name also means bright and shining. Your gorgeous Lucas will brighten up your day and shine up those dark Canadian nights.


Can be short for Maximillian or Maxine, so this can be furfect for a male or female. Means capable in English, great spring in Gaelic, and great woman (Maxine).


From the Hebrew name Binyamin, which means favorite son or son of my right hand. Your furry Benjamin will be your favorite as he keeps you warm during cold Canadian winters.


This is an Irish form of William from the Germanic Wilhelm that means strong-willed warrior and protector. Your Canadian poochie is brave and protects you, so Liam is furfect for him.


In Hebrew, this means God is gracious. Jackson would fit your sweet and loving pup who just enriches your life with grace!