Top 11 Dog Breeds for Introverts

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Contrary to popular opinion, introverts don't hate being social. They just need time alone every day to recharge. They enjoy solitude, and even require a certain amount of it, but need companionship as much as anyone else does. 

One reason introverts love coming home to their favorite pup is that they can enjoy the kind of close, focused connection they prefer without having to engage in social banter or small talk. Introverts love being at home and are a natural match with dogs who are homebodies. While some introverts might prefer more independent dogs who will give them space when they need it, others might want more affectionate companions. The best dog breeds for introverts are always those that enjoy sharing quiet time at home. Check out our top choices of dogs for introverts, and find your best match!

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are a perfect match for introverts. These smart, independent dogs are among the most cat-like of breeds. They can easily keep themselves entertained while the introverted human they share their home with spends hours writing or getting lost in a book. These pups are intelligent, but do have a stubborn streak. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are easygoing and affectionate lap dogs that aren't as needy or demanding as other small breeds. They're the perfect dog for an introvert looking for a pup to snuggle up to them on the couch while they binge watch tv, or to warm their lap while they drink a cup of tea and delve into their favorite novel.


Basenjis are famous for being the "barkless dog," but they're not necessarily quiet. They can actually be quite vocal, making distinctive yodeling sounds when they're excited or want attention. What makes them great dogs for introverts is their independence. Like Shiba Inus, they are known for being catlike, stubborn, and intelligent, easily keeping themselves and their owners amused without being needy or demanding.
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Basset Hound

Charming, goofy Basset Hounds love to entertain with their clownish antics, but love dozing the day away at home with their favorite personeven more. Few breeds seem as fit for curling up in front of a roaring hearth as Bassets, making them the perfect companions for introverts who love spending fall days at home in front of the fire.

Great Dane

It might be surprising to find out that Great Danes are among the most highly recommended dogs for people who live in apartments. This massive breed doesn't want or need a lot of exercise, and loves sprawling on the couch and relaxing. They can even be a bit shy! Cuddly introverts will love sharing their lives with an affectionate Dane.


Greyhounds are also surprisingly well adapted to apartment life. They mostly just want to nap on the couch all day. While affectionate, they're also independent, and are happy to give their introverted human the space they need. They were bred for sprinting, and one good energetic excursion is all they need to get out their energy, much like their introvert human!


Compact Chihuahuas are easy for introverts to bring along to their favorite dog-friendly cafe while they drink coffee and tap out their latest blog entries. Chihuahuas are also known for bonding very closely with one person, making them a good match for introverts, who enjoy the depth of connection that comes from intimate bonds and focused one-on-one interactions.

German Shepherd

Like many working breeds, German Shepherds are known for their intensity, intelligence, and capacity to form a deep bond with one person. This comes from having been bred to work closely with one person to complete complex tasks. A soulful German Shepherd will not only give an introvert the deep connection they crave, but help them feel protected when they are otherwise home alone.


Pugs also tend to bond closely with a single favorite human, but have a more socially outgoing side that can be helpful for introverts who are looking for a social ambassador. Playful and quirky, Pugs provide endless entertainment for everyone. After a day of socializing, these affectionate homebodies love coming home to snuggle up on the couch and recharge as much as their introverts do.

Irish Wolfhound

Another huge dog that easily makes do with small spaces, the Irish Wolfhound makes a laid back but charismatic companion for an introvert. These dogs carry a certain air of nobility that can empower and inspire their owners. This soulful pup will likely remind introverts of heroic literary hounds from the pages of their favorite fantasy novels. 

Rescue Dog

Introverts are sensitive people who are drawn to stories of people or animals who overcame hardships. By rescuing a dog that was abandoned or in trouble, an introvert gets to become part of one of those stories. A rescue dog is a perfect choice for an introvert who wants to make a difference and bring home a companion to share a deep life-long bond with.