Top 10 Dog Breeds for Truffle Hunting

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Who doesn't enjoy a little helping of truffles as a special treat on their favorite pasta dish? Truffles are known for their decadence and their deliciousness, but their price tag is a little hefty for the average American's pocketbook. Did you know that you can likely source truffles in a forested area near you? Yep! With the aid of the olfactory prowess of your best canine pal, you just might be able to find a few of these precious nuggets to take home to enjoy. But not every breed is well-suited to this task. When it comes to searching for truffles, here are the top pooches that just seem to have "the right stuff."

#1 Lagotto Romagnolo

Originally bred to retrieve game from water, the Lagotto Romagnolo soon found a second purpose sniffing out truffles during World War I and World War II. Today, this pooch is highly prized for its keen sense of intellect, as well as his ability to keep pace with its master on a hunt.

#2 Springer Spaniel

The Springer Spaniel is an eager hunter who thrives on working side by side with both people and pooches on a hunt. Originally a birding breed, the Springer is a dog of moderate intelligence and ample energy. Its natural penchant to retrieve makes it an ideal choice for sourcing, then relaying truffles.

#3 Beagle

A jovial little breed that is well-known as an avid rabbit hunter, the Beagle can typically be found with its nose glued to the ground. This pooch is in possession of full nostrils and long hound ears which help smells to waft up from the ground to its nose, helping the Beagle to source the precious and pungent truffle with ease.
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#4 Poodle

Many consider the Poodle an unusual choice when it comes to finding truffles, but make no mistake, this doggo is far more than just a pretty face! Originally a dog who hunted for duck as early as the Middle Ages, the Poodle is a dog with excellent instincts, an attentive nature, and a pawtastic nose!

#5 Belgian Malinois

If you're looking for a pooch that loves to work, you won't need to search any further than the Belgian Malinois! A high drive pooch, the Belgian Malinois was originally bred to herd livestock. This breed's innate intelligence, incredible stamina, and excellent sense of smell makes him an ideal choice for work with police and military units...and...truffle hunting.

#6 German Shepherd

The friendly German Shepherd makes a great family dog, but is also a breed that thrives when given a job to do. The German Shepherd is characterized by its calm demeanorĀ and quiet self-confidence. This fearless doggo is willing to charge past the most ferocious boar in search of the bounty its owner this case, truffles.

#7 Golden Retriever

Though typically a mild-mannered and cheerful breed, the Golden Retriever is also a hunting dog who can easily be trained to seek out truffles. Obedient, faithful, and eager to learn, the Golden Retriever simply delights in spending time with its family engaged in whatever pursuits they undertake. With a penchant for chewing, just be sure that your Golden doesn't gobble up its finds!

#8 Gordon Setter

Not as common a breed as the Irish or English Setter, the Gordon Setter is a dog who bonds very strongly with its family and craves one on one time with its fave person. A pooch known for its serious manner, this breed displays good judgment and is alert enough to be an asset on a hunt for truffles.

#9 German Wire-Haired Pointer

The German Wire-Hired Pointer has energy to spare! Both athletic and in possession of intense stamina, the German Wire-Haired Pointer can keep up with whatever you have in mind. Renowned for its intelligence and lithe frame, your Pointer will scale any terrain in search of its prize. Both affectionate and devoted, this breed will delight in searching for truffles with you.

#10 Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

A breed originating from France where its purpose was to hunt rabbit, the happy Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen exudes pure joy. This is one pooch that simply enjoys life and is content to be along for the ride regardless of where the train ends up. A natural born hunter, you will find the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen's nose up to the task of truffles.