Top 10 Dog Breeds that Love the Snow

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If you love to ruff it in cold temperatures, then your ideal canine adventure companion should too. There are many dog breeds that not only can tolerate the cold, but are living their best life when playing in a winter wonderland. Many were bred to be working dogs, but outside of work, bounding through the snow and catching snowballs is what they live for. How well your doggo handles the snow depends on their coat and the shape of their paws. Here are the top ten dog breeds that love the snow and can help keep you warm during those cold-weather camping trips.

#1 Tibetan Terrier

Don't be fooled by their smaller size, these tough little guys were built to endure extreme climates and terrains in Tibet. Their large, flat feet provide excellent traction on ice and snow. These agile creatures also have a protective double coat. While at home on the mountainsides, your Tibetan Terrier will also gladly snuggle up next to you on the couch.

#2 Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs were once isolated in the Himalayas, and are known for their immense double coat. This coat keeps them cozy all winter long. While their coat does lighten up in the warmer months, your extra furry pal is sure to feel some relief after the first snow and the temperatures drop.

#3 Siberian Husky

A classic snow-loving pooch, the Siberian Husky was originally developed as a working breed for dog-sledding. Born to transport passengers through the arctic, and with the wolf as an ancestor, Siberian Huskies feel their best in the snow. Keep in mind that these guys need a lot of exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy!
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#4 Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are spirited and confident dogs that are ready to explore, and have no qualms about venturing out into deep snow. Their thick fur and double coat keeps them warm, and repels rain and snow. Your pup is sure to be tired out after a game of fetch in some powder!

#5 Samoyed

The Samoyed is a playful, gentle companion that looks like a mini polar bear. These dogs originate from Siberia, and were bred for herding reindeer, hunting, and hauling sleds. Samoyeds need plenty of exercise to stay happy, and will love to follow you on your cross-country ski or snowshoe adventures.

#6 Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are affectionate, low energy dogs that will gladly curl up next to you to keep you warm. These hardworking dogs will trek for miles through the snow in search of wayward travelers. They have a keen ability to find pathways, and their thick frames help keep them warm for hours.

#7 Norwegian Elkhound

This Scandinavian breed was built for hunting in cold weather, and make the ideal winter hiking dog. Norwegian Elkhounds posses excellent agility, long lasting endurance, and a protective nature. Their smooth outer coat and wooly undercoat keeps them comfortable for ages in the snow. You may need to buy a warmer jacket if you want to keep up!

#8 Newfoundland

Newfies are known as the gentle giant, and make excellent family dogs. These big guys can weigh up to 150 pounds, but are protective and friendly. Although they're low energy, they are excellent swimmers and strong companions in the mountains. Their heavy coats protect them from icy waters, and they are still used for water rescues today!

#9 Kuvasz

Kuvasz means "armed guard of nobility" in Turkish, a suitable name for this protective and regal looking dog. This dog originates from Tibet, and possesses a snow white double coat to keep them warm. Their excellent protective instincts and high trainability make them someone you want to have around on your mountain adventures!

#10 Keeshond

These fluff balls are known for their plush, silver and black fur. They have a downy undercoat that helps insulate them from extreme temperatures. These pups are friendly, active, and eager to learn. Don't hold back from taking your Keeshond on all your winter activities, because if they don't get enough exercise, they'll start spinning in circles!