Top 8 Dog Breeds with Blue Coats

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Most doggos you encounter have a fur coat that’s black, brown, white or gray. But every once in a while you cross paths with a pup that has a blue coat. We’re not talking navy blue or royal blue. In the dog world, blue means a gorgeous silver hue with a slight tinge of a blue. For some lucky doggos, the blue coat covers their entire body. For others, the blue shows up in merle markings, or patches of speckles. Whatever the case may be, blue coated pups are barking beautiful! Read on to learn about the top breeds with blue coats. 

#1 Blue Lacy

This breed originated in Texas during the 19th century. They found their way into the hearts of Texans, and became the official State Dog Breed of Texas. Even though blue is in their name, these pups can also come in reds and tans, and even a gorgeous tri color pattern. Always one for a hard day’s work, this breed is intelligent and active. 

#2 Blue Heeler

Also known as the Australian Cattle Dog, this breed has puptastic merle markings, and was created years ago when dingoes were bred with Collies. As herding dogs, they are intelligent, agile, and full of energy. Blue Heelers are best suited for parents with active lifestyles and need plenty of room to roam. They also need daily mental stimulation, or they may go barking mad!

#3 Kerry Blue Terrier

You could say this blue breed is a Jack of all trades. With a strong muscular frame and keen intelligence, they can easily help with herding. But that’s not all, as these pups can hunt, chase away vermin, and guard the house. Once they get inside, these pupsters are loyal to their people and well mannered, but sometimes impatient with other dogs and strangers. 

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#4 Thai Ridgeback

Not a very common breed, these furry friends hail from Thailand. Their large stature and sturdy frame are a bit intimidating. A ridge of fur along their spine that grows opposite to the rest of their coat gives them their unique name. These pups can also come in other colors. Known for their jumping abilities, speed, and agility, Thai Ridgebacks are true athletes. 

#5 Weimaraner

This regal looking pup was once used for hunting by royalty in Germany. It’s true that most of these doggos are a striking silver, but some are a woofderful shade of blue. Either way, Weimaraners are incredibly athletic and need daily exercise to keep them out of mischief. Besides running and playing, their furvorite thing to do is just be near their people.  

#6 Poodle

As one of the most recognized breeds, the Poodle is a superstar no matter where they go. Like any good celebrity, they are gracious to the pets and people they meet. Varying in size and color, these pups range from small to large, and blue to apricot. Intelligent, athletic, and eager to please, they are puptastic family doggos with hearts of gold. 

#7 Irish Wolfhound

Talk about a gentle giant. The Irish Wolfhound is both huge and huggable. Their size may make you think they are ideal guard dogs, but nothing could further from the truth. They are pawsitively too friendly and docile! These pawsome pups are good looking no matter what color, but the blue coated fur babies are extra beautiful. As you can imagine, they need plenty of space. 

#8 Shar Pei

When you get a Shar Pei, you get wrinkles, wrinkles, and more wrinkles! Hailing from China, the Shar Pei can range from cream color to a deep silvery blue. These crinkly canines can be a bit stubborn and benefit from having an owner that is firm, yet gentle. Despite all the skin folds, these pups are fairly low maintenance and have independent spirits.