Top 10 Dog Breeds for Fancy Grooming

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Do you like the idea of your pet pup getting all fancy for a day on the town? Certain breeds are suited for getting a fancy clip at the dog groomers more than others, whether due to their fur type, or their need to be pampered! There are certain pups that have a coat that never stops growing, which means you need to trim them to keep them looking their best! These Top Dog Breeds for Fancy Grooming will help you find a furry friend that will love, or need, to get their hair styled when you get yours!


A poodle dog is your top pup pick when it comes to being groomed. They are happy to be pampered and pretty much expect it! No matter which size poodle you prefer, their fancy fur will need to be styled. Take the curl out of their hair to produce a fluffy dog who will turn heads. Easy to care for, they will always look stunning!

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise was born to walk the red carpet. They are the most beautiful pups, and especially so when that white coat is groomed. Take them for a walk to show them off, because a day at the doggie spa will not want to be wasted. This smart and sassy little pup will charm you with their style.

Bedlington Terrier

Whether you are ready for the show ring or you just want a pup for a friend, the Bedlington Terrier will provide you with warm welcomes and an always positive attitude. Their fur is just the right texture to need a monthly grooming appointment. They can be styled short or long, but either way, this small to medium-size pup will take your breath away!

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Portuguese Water Dog

If you are looking for a pup that doesn’t really shed and can be groomed up fancy, the Portuguese Water Dog will fit the bill. They can be styled to be fluffy, or just wash them and go. Their fur will curl if you don’t groom them, but either way, this fancy pup will keep you entertained and give lots of love in return.  


Fancy is the word for these pups, but their fur is not fluffy like other dogs. The Puli’s fur is corded naturally which means it kind of braids itself. Grooming is necessary to keep these individual cords just that – separate and non-matted. Heads will turn when you walk down the street with this impressively-groomed pup!


If you are in love with the larger dogs, and want to do some fancy grooming on them, the Komondor might just be the pup for you. Another corded dog, this breed was made to protect, which makes them a great family pet. Let the kids keep those cords separated and clean to keep your pawtastic pup sparkling! Fancy is the word for them!

Lhasa Apso

Some people consider this dog a fancy mop! They have the most spectacular long coats, and when they are groomed, this pup shines! They know they look good and will not stop strutting their stuff until they get the attention they deserve. Their long coat flows effortlessly as they move, and they never really have a bad hair day. Some pups have all the luck!

Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier is full of fun and loves to play. Their blue fur is easy to care for, but if you want to get them groomed fancy, their coats fluff up beautifully. They will be ready to go when you are taking them out for a night on the town or just want them to look their best at the dog park.  

Miniature Schnauzer

Do you want a small, friendly pup that loves to be pampered? The Miniature Schnauzer is the doggie for you. They thrive on attention and will stand for hours at the groomer just to show off. Their coats are easy to care for, but they need to be on a regular clipping schedule. Keep them curly, straight or fluffy – anyway will make them happy.

Coton de Tulear

If you would love to have a furry, fuzzy and completely adorable pup that you want to pamper, the Coton de Tulear is the dog for you. Fancy is their way of life and the more you groom them the better they look! Their white coat will sparkle and shine, and they will be the talk of the town. A great, impressive family pet.