Top 10 Small Dog Breeds for Therapy Work

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Nothing can make you feel better than receiving a dose of pawsome puppy love. It's the most puptastic thing in the world. Cuddling a canine, stroking one, or even just spending a quiet time with a pup by your side have been proven to be therapeutic. If you're in the hospital, what medicine could be better than a visit from a pup trained in therapy work? Small dog breeds make furrific therapy dogs, but not all miniature breeds have the same temperament. Some small dogs are more suitable for therapy work than others, and here's the puptastic top ten!

Mini Mutts

Mutts may not be purebreds, but they're cute, smart and sympathetic as anyone who's heard of Norbert, the famous therapy crossbred, will know. Their intelligence and empathy are endless, and their mix of breeds generally makes for an even temperament. They can cheer you up in seconds and soon put a smile on your face. Life would be dull without them!

Toy Poodle

The Toy Poodle is the perfect breed for training as a therapy dog. They're acutely intelligent and can mind their manners when visiting public places like hospitals or old folks homes. Pa-some poodles don't shed hair either, so they're great to take into environments where sanitation is of optimum importance.


Chihuahuas are a great small breed for therapy work. Their captivating characteristics can take a person's mind off their worries and woes. Apart from being pawsomely cute, Chihuahuas are furrifically smart and can learn new tricks quickly. Just looking at one of these puptastic doggos makes everyone feel much better.
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Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are ideal for therapy work because they demand to be the center of attention, virtually making it impossible to think of anything else but the pup on your lap who is begging for cuddles. Yorkies are woofderful for relieving anxiety and excel at making stressed people smile.


Pugs make great therapy dogs because they're listeners. Talk to a Pug, and they'll twist their cute little heads, perk up those floppy ears and stare at you boogie-eyed while you off-load a whole load of worries. They'll just stare at you and lap up every word with a lick and a smile. They're pugtastic!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a diminutive breed of pooch which makes for a pawsome therapy dog. Their gentle, caring natures are second to none. Who could resist those soulful eyes or not want to caress those long, silken ears? They are a breed which bring tranquillity to even the most anxious.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is not just a cute little dog; it's a pup-tastic small breed which is just pawfect for therapy work. Yes, they're cute, they're smart and have a uniquely, understanding character. Getting a therapy visit from a Bichon Frise is like being reunited with your childhood teddy bear.

Jack Russell Terrier

Nothing can beat a therapy visit from a pupperific Jack Russell Terrier. They're a small breed with a pent-up energy which is invigorating, and a friendly countenance which is infectious and quickly gets everyone out of the doldrums no matter where they are. They are the perfect pups for therapy work.


The Corgi is a first-rate breed for canine therapy work. These natural herders know how to round-up a good mood in anyone, and those over large, Corgi ears are just impossible to resist. They're a tenacious breed, entering strange locations with confidence and ease, which makes them pawfect for therapy.


The delectable, short-legged Dachshund is a pawfect small breed for therapy work. Dachshunds love nothing more than to sit on someone's lap while listening to them talk. Those floppy ears might not perk up, but they don't miss a word, and their eyes have an incredible depth of understanding, which can calm an anxious mind.