Top 5 Dog Breeds That Love the Rain

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When it comes to rain, there are three types of dogs: ones that hate rain and will avoid going out in it at any cost, dogs that tolerate rain and will go out if they have to “go,” and others that not only don’t mind rain, but actually thrive in it. Some working pooches like Jack Russell Terriers love whatever they’re doing outdoors so much that they hardly notice if it’s raining.

In general, dogs with thick, wavy coats go willingly into the wet, and most of them love to swim, too. Some have the added protection of an oily coat that insulates them against getting chilled, or the rain even reaching their skin. If you like spending time in the rain, here’s a list of the top 5 dog breeds that would love to get out in it with you.

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Labrador Retriever

If you like walking or hiking in the rain, your Labrador Retriever will be more than ready to tag along. Today, many Labs are companion dogs, but in Canada, where they originated, they were working dogs that retrieved fishermen’s nets and even errant fish. Water doesn’t worry them because of their thick double coats and oily hair. And that includes water falling out of the sky.

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog is a fur-iendly, easy-going pup that is more than happy to do your bidding, including taking rainy walks. This fur baby’s coat is thick and dense with a wiry texture that protects against wetness and cold. Another dog trained to work in the water, a little rain won’t bother them at all. In fact, they love it!

Jack Russell Terrier

Work is all-important to the Jack Russell Terrier, whether it’s endlessly retrieving a tennis ball or chasing neighborhood squirrels. Trained to hunt in all kinds of wet weather, Jack Russells won’t let a little rain distract them. They love to walk long distances on a leash, but they especially like to run. Rain or no rain, this bright, active pup is your best wet-weather pal.
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The Newfie is another pooch with a thick, dense, wavy, and oily coat that suits them well for anything involving water. One of their modern-day jobs is as water rescue dogs, as their strong legs can pull people through even rough water with ease. They'll venture into the rain without hesitation, and may even want to stay out longer than you will!

Sussex Spaniel

This breed is another one that’s eager to please their humans and is always up for an adventure, even in torrential rain. A medium-sized dog with a thick, feathered coat and long, floppy ears that keep the rain out, Sussex Spaniels have a strong sense of smell. Because scents are emphasized in wet air and undergrowth, they make good hunting and searching companions.