Top 10 Family Friendly Dog Breeds

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The best dog breed for your family needs to not only be friendly, but also match the needs of your household. If you have children or other pets, a pawfect pup should like kids and other animals. If they are going to be alone all day while you work, make sure your pooch is independent enough to stay home alone. Are you busy and rushed? You want a pup that is easy to care for. Here are the top 10 family-friendly dog breeds in the United States to help you in your search for your furfect family addition.

#1 Labrador Retriever

The number one family pet for many years, this big cuddly pup is gentle and cuddly with everyone, including kids and other pets, even cats. These smart canines are also easy to train, fun to play with, and they’re just as happy laying around the house with you as they are when they’re out playing. 

#2 Golden Retriever

One of the most well-liked dogs in the country, the Golden Retriever is lovable, gentle, loyal, and furfectly friendly with everyone, including other animals. They’re intelligent enough to be service dogs for the blind and disabled, as well as search and rescue operations, while also being fun with boundless energy for playtime.

#3 Poodle

You can be certain that this dog will pick up on whatever you are trying to train them to do right away, because they’re super smart and love to please. They also have tons of energy and a sense of humor like a human, so this fur buddy will keep you laughing even when you’re sad.
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#4 Beagle

Though smaller than other family favorites, the Beagle is a boundless bundle of playfulness and energy! Great with kids, this is a pup who loves to be with their family, and doesn't like alone time. They are scent hounds and love to explore, so keep this pup busy lest they escape on a hunt!

#5 Viszla

Known as a Velcro breed, this dog will stick by your family's side no matter what! With high energy that doesn't quit, the Vizsla is a pawfect fit for older children who can keep up with his exercise needs. This doggo can hunt, hike, and swim with your family, then affectionately cuddle like a lapdog, despite his size.

#6 French Bulldog

With low energy and grooming needs, the Frenchie thrives in families as they need lots of attention! Affectionate and protective of children, this small Bulldog is a pupular companion pup, leaving the hunting and fighting to their larger cousins. With their unique expressions and big ears, this is a playful dog that is easily adaptable to any living space.

#7 Boxer

A lovable furry friend, and brave and loyal guardian, the Boxer takes their family guarding seriously, but also loves cuddling and playing ball. They have a short coat that doesn’t need much grooming and can entertain themselves if you are going to be out all day. This pup is furfect for any family.

#8 Collie

Got some kids to herd? Call on your family Collie! When they aren't keeping on eye on your little ones, they are playful and affectionate with the whole family. This alert and high energy breed is intensely loyal, and has the calm patience needed for small children and other pets. A pawfect addition to your pack!

#9 Newfoundland

This gentle giant is a pawesome protector and lovable pooch who loves to be cuddled. One of their favorite activities is swimming, and they even have webbed feet, so if you are into swimming or boating, this breed is furfect for you. Their coat is even waterproof, and they can save a drowning victim.

#10 Pug

With their characteristic smooshed faces and curly-cue tails, the Pug seems made for making kiddos smile! Though small, this pup is sturdy and playful, and would like nothing more than to clown around for your family. Known to be great with kids, this is a lapdog with lots of personality!