Top 8 High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

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Is there such thing as pawfect dog? Imagine a doggo that peacefully lounges around until you are ready to play, that has impeccable manners and never steps out of line. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the only kind of dog like this is a stuffed animal. Dogs are animals, which means they are unpredictable. It’s true that with training some can be angelic and independent. Others require a lot of extra effort. Like a lot. In fact, you could call these doggos high maintenance. Whether they need tons of exercise, additional training, or extensive grooming, the following breeds are all, well, high maintenance. 

#1 Akita

Sure, these exotic looking pups are exuberant and a joy to be around. But Akita parents should know that these pups love to be in charge. Start training at an early age so your pupster knows who is boss. This breed can also be aggressive towards other dogs and children. Like training, early socialization is super impawtant. Daily exercise helps  keep this breed in line. 

#2 Australian Shepherd

When you think of an Aussie, the words intelligent and active pawbably come to mind. Extremely smart and energetic can be a dangerous combination, just ask those torn up couch cushions. As working dogs, they are prone to herding children too. Daily exercise is a must for these pupsters. Aussie parents know that come rain or shine, they have to take their fur baby for a walk or run.  

#3 Border Collie

Like the Australian Shepherd, the Border Collie is smart, playful, and full of energy. Being cooped up inside all day goes against everything they know. These pups thrive on being outside and having a task to complete. If you can’t keep up with your pup, consider getting them involved in flyball or agility training. This will do wonders for their mental and physical game. 

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#4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

There’s nothing wrong with having a ‘velcro’ dog that waits on your every move. Until you have to leave home, that is. This breed is a companion animal at heart and loves being as close to their people as possible. If you are a home body, they are a pawfect fit. But if you tend to be gone a lot, expect them to develop separation anxiety.

#5 Chow Chow

A cross between a lion and a teddy bear, this breed is pawsitively adorable. But these doggos are typically stubborn and quite independent. Hmmm, sounds like a cat! Since they aren’t eager to please their people, they really need someone who can stand up to their dominant personalities and remind them who the pack leader is. A little extra training and a lot of patience is required. 

#6 Dalmatian

It takes a special kind of person to raise a Dalmatian. Sure their spots are adorable, but this breed can be aggressive and a bit stubborn. Constant training is needed to help them mind their manners. Dalmatians are also high energy and need a healthy dose of daily exercise. If they get restless, these doggos look to destructive behaviors to relieve their boredom. 

#7 Jack Russell Terrier

Don’t underestimate this little terrier, it can run and play for hours. If you have an active lifestyle, then this pint sized pooch is a pawfect companion. But if you are looking for a cuddle buddy to curl up with and watch a movie, then you better keep moving. These pups need a firm, but gentle hand to teach them how to use their energy for good. 

#8 Cocker Spaniel

What’s this sweet little pup doing on this list? They love being with their people and are great family dogs, right? Yes, but sometimes they love their people a little too much, as in they don’t want to be apart from them. Ever. Like other companion animals, Cockers are prone to separation anxiety. At an early age, these pups need to learn that it’s okay to be left alone.