Top Male Dog Names

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There's a lot to think about when you bring home a new puppy or dog! You've got to find the right food, get a comfy bed, and be sure you've got enough toys to keep him busy. And while you watch your adorable new best furiend get used to his new home, you'll probably be trying to figure out what to name him.

Chances are if you are reading this, you've had a bit of trouble landing on the right moniker for your boy dog. You could name him for his color, choosing a Rusty for a red pup or Blizzard for white one. You could call attention to his size, and name a huge breed Moose or even Tiny. As you watch him play and cavort, you might even find a piece of his personality that lends itself to a furbulous title.

If you are still struggling, you may want to go for the tried and true, so here are the top 10 male dog names for 2021 that just might be the pawfect name for your pawsome new pup!

#1 Max

Short for Maximilian, this Roman name means greatest or saint. While your Max may not be a saint, he is fur sure the greatest dog around.

#2 Charlie

From the Old English for “ceorl,” which means free man, the name also means sunny disposition, and your Charlie is pet-tentially the sunniest pup around.

#3 Cooper

This is a Latin name for Cask and an Old English one for barrel maker. Although your pup may not be making barrels anytime soon, he could certainly jump over some when you get home!
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#4 Buddy

This American name means friend or pal, which definitely fits your canine kid. He is your very best fur-iend in the world.

#5 Milo

From the German for soldier, Milo can also mean merciful. This would be a pawtastic moniker for a dutiful, yet kind pooch.

#6 Bear

Bear conjures the image of a giant, furry beast, and would be an obvious choice if your pup will grow into a giant. Or a funny one for a teeny pooch!

#7 Rocky

Though it comes from the Italian "rocco" which means rest, today it is associated with strength mixed with a boisterous personality. Your fur-ocious fur baby fits the bill, even though he is a big softie at heart.

#8 Oliver

Latin for olive tree, this name is furbulous for a friendly pup who helps keep the peace. And it's nickname "Ollie" is pretty pawsome too!

#9 Bailey

This Old English name means trusted guardian, like your pawsome guard dog who won’t let the mailman touch the mailbox.

#10 Tucker

While your dog won't be pleating any fabric as this name suggests, they will be sure to tucker you out with their playful antics!