Top Male Dog Names

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When we name our human children, we tend to have the name picked out long before we have the baby. In fact, some people know what they want to name their children before they even decide to have a baby. Quite a different story for pups! It makes you wonder what would have happened if we waited to name our human kids after we figure out their personality.  

You spend a lot of time choosing the breed you wanted, and decided you wanted to get a male dog, but then once you get your dog, you may have a hard time deciding what to name him. There are some interesting ways to choose your canine kid’s name, such as going by what color he is, how big he is, or by his personality. For example, if you have a huge dog, you could name him Moose, or you could go for the opposite and name him Tiny. For a white pup, you may choose Snowy or Blizzard. There are a lot of male names for dogs that are unique too, such as Hashtag or Wifi. Here's the top 10 male dog names in the United States that just might be the pawfect name for your pawsome new pup!


Short for Maximilian, this name is Roman and means greatest or saint. While your Max may not be a saint, he is fur sure the greatest dog around.


Old English for “ceorl,” which means free man. Also means sunny disposition, and your Charlie is pet-tentially the sunniest pup around.


This American name means friend or pal, which definitely fits your canine kid. He is your very best fur-iend in the world.
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This is a Latin name for Cask and is Old English for barrel maker. Although your pup may not be making barrels anytime soon, he could certainly jump over some when you get home!


Commonly short for John, it is Hebrew for God’s grace. Jack is a great name for a pooch that is your fur-ever friend.


Usually a name of someone who is animated and tough, with a boisterous personality. Your fur-ocious fur baby fits the bill even though he is a big softie at heart.


Short for Tobias, this name means God is good in Ancient Hebrew. Toby may be furfect for your fun-loving canine kiddo who fills your life with pawsomeness!


Irish for helpful and gracious. No matter what anyone says, your Cody is being helpful even when he is going mutts digging holes in the yard.


Old English for Bailie or Baylee. Means trusted guardian, like your pawesome guard dog who won’t let the mailman touch the mailbox.


Short for Jacob and one who loves to play. Your impawsibly adorable and playful pooch fits this one furfectly.