Top 8 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

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A low maintenance pup means a dog that you don’t have to brush everyday, they don’t shed much, and they may not require several hours a day of entertainment. Easy to care for dogs are great for first time pet owners, busy folks, and those who may work a lot. While you still need to be sure your pup's life is enriching and rewarding, a low maintenance pup allows you to spend more fun time with your best furry pal, and less work time. Check out this list of these top low maintenance dogs who can fill your heart without wasting all your time!


The Greyhound may seem like it may be a difficult breed to care for, but they are actually pretty easy. They don’t shed much, have a short haircoat, so you don’t have to brush them much, and they don’t mind hanging out at home. This breed is perfect for the busy human who is also a homebody.


This little furball, the Havanese, looks like they need a lot of brushing, but they don’t. Their hair is more like a human’s, but with less shedding, and they adapt to whatever you want to do. They’re lap dogs, but if you work outside the home, they are furfectly happy to nap until you get home to play with them.


The Poodle doesn’t need much and can pretty much take care of themselves all day while you do what you gotta do. They’re smart too, so they know exactly when you’ll be home to play. They don’t need much brushing and rarely shed, and they don’t bark unless someone knocks on the door.
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The Labradoodle is a Poodle/Labrador mix that has the best of both breeds. They’re easy to care for and mellow, so they don’t mind being home alone while you are out. Shedding is minor, and they only need about 45 minutes to an hour of exercise daily to stay healthy and happy.


The Dachshund has a short haircoat that doesn’t shed much, and they only need to be brushed once a week or so. They also like to entertain themselves, so you don’t need to worry about what they do while you are out. The Dachshund is a smart and friendly pooch that is easy to care for.


While the Beagle enjoys spending time with others, whether it is a human or another animal, they also don’t mind being alone either. In fact, they’re pretty happy no matter what they are doing. These easygoing pups are pawsome for those who work all day and don’t have much time to brush their easy to manage coat.

Bea Griffon

Both the Beagle and the Brussels Griffon are low shedders and can get by with a weekly brushing and a half hour a day of exercise. They do need some attention, like other pups, but can entertain themselves for the most part. The Bea Griffon also gets along well with kids and other pets.


While they do love to be carried around and cuddled, the Chihuahua is also happy hanging out alone to entertain themselves with their great imagination. Not much grooming is needed for this pup either, and they get along with everyone, so they may just be the furfect dog for you.