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10 Dog Spas Around the World to Add to Buddy's Bucket List


Written by Kim Rain

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Published: 06/09/2021, edited: 10/04/2022


Got a pampered pup? If your dog loves living the good life, a trip to a pawrific dog spa is a must! From specialty baths and grooming services, to massages and spa treatments that most humans would envy, a day at a dog spa can make any dog feel like a movie star!

If you think the spa treatment is only for the most snobbish of pooches, guess again! A massage can help to relieve pup anxiety, as well as increase blood flow, remove toxins, and help arthritic dogs gain more mobility. Aromatherapy can be used to help behavioral issues, stress, and several medical conditions. And pet manicures aren’t just for looks, as they can heal paw damage caused by the weather, salt and asphalt.

Dog spas can be found all over the world, and though some are stand alone businesses, many are found inside luxury pet resorts that offer the best in daily and overnight services. If your dog is ready to be treated like a star, check out these top 10 Dog Spas around the world that your dog needs to visit!

The Barkley Pet Hotel, Los Angeles, California, USA

In pawfect Hollywood style, The Barkley Pet Hotel is the premiere destination for West Coast pooches. When your dog isn’t relaxing in front of a flat screen TV, enjoying personalized swimming lessons, or munching on a steak from the nearby Four Seasons, they can experience the full star treatment with relaxing spa baths, conditioning treatments, drying cabanas, Hollywood-style grooming and dyes, or even a bejeweled pawdicure. Best of all, there's also a location in Cleveland for Midwest pups, and if you find yourself on the other side of the world, there are two locations in Mumbai, India!

The Pet Spa, London, UK

Located in affluent Chelsea where style and grace are a necessity, this dog spa excels at both. They know beauty, and even offer animal models for film, TV, magazines and more. The Pet Spa is not your simple groomer, and services usually last for hours. Whether a full body groom that includes dead-hair removal, paw trim, and a finishing cologne spritz, or a conditioning color treatment, a tear stain treatment, or a milk-thistle and vanilla paw soak, your fluffy furiend will be ready for the runway. Did we mention the exfoliating blueberry and vanilla facials, the massages and the shimmery sparkle treatments for royal events? 

Posh Pet Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Located in sunny Florida, this cage-less hotel is a great place for overnight care, but its spa is where it truly shines! Aromatherapy baths and pet facials at the Posh Pet Hotel will make your dog feel like a million bucks, but they don’t stop there. Eye whitening treatments and pawdicures are also on tap, but your dog will really get attention on walks after a Brazilian cut, a fur-dying treatment, or even a stencil or glitter add-on.

Dogs in the City, Paris, France

Grooming specialists at this premiere salon offer day services for trendy pooches of every kind. Whether your furvorite pup is looking for a relaxing aromatic bubble bath and aromatherapy massage, or paw pad moisturizing and a pawdicure, Dogs in the City is the place to be! Is your elderly dog getting a little gray? Keep them looking young with restoring hair dyes, or feeling young with thalassotherapy, or mud and clay baths. Then, when your dog is pawfectly groomed and feeling great, grab a stylish leash, outfit or bag from the pet shop to truly compliment their look. 

The Country Dog Hotel, Somerset, United Kingdom

In the heart of Somerset, this country escape offers a pickup service by Land Rover, homey accommodations and a furbulous dog spa. The pampering at The Country Dog Hotel includes conditioning treatments with shea butter, rose oil and coconut, mud treatments containing oatmeal, aloe vera, omega oils and vitamins, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, blueberry facials to decrease tear stains, and sweet almond paw balm for cracked paws and noses. And if this wasn’t enough, this pet resort even has a hot tub warmed by a natural spring just for your pup’s relaxing pleasure.

D Pet Hotels, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Long a health and artist retreat for humans, gorgeous Scottsdale now opens its doors to dogs looking for the best in the Southwest. At D Pet Hotels, overnight guests can stay in suites with human beds, while day visitors can explore a huge 4,000 sq. foot dog park, get in some training, or hang out in the Dog Spa and Wellness Center. From cuts, blow-outs and dyes, to rejuvenating massages, your pooch will never be more relaxed while listening to downtempo music. Specialties include vitamin baths, teeth cleaning, pawdicures that include a paw soak, nail trims and polishes, and a wooftastic thermal wrap for the ultimate detox experience. 

Critterati, Gurugram, India

Velvet dog beds, padded floors and private balconies are only some of the luxuries your dog will enjoy at Critterati in the Kingdom of Dreams. Pups can enjoy delicacies from the kitchen, swimming sessions, a pet café, and the Care Castle, the on-site dog spa. Featuring baths with shampoos of jojoba, cacao, aloe vera and bamboo, silky coat serums, and pawdicures, the spa also spoils pooches with blow-outs, hair streaking, paw butters and dog perfumes. Lucky pups can even get a massage to end the day in ultimate relaxation. 

Chateau Poochie, Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

The posh Chateau Poochie is nothing short of fabulous! Dogs can snooze on huge sleigh beds, munch on gourmet chef-made meals, and even get a personal overnight attendant. The Salon & Spa features everything a pup could want, from aromatherapy, botanical and flea baths, and blueberry facials, to pawdicures, warm wax treatments and nail polishes. Stylish canines can even get hair dyes and extreme makeovers. Then, at the Zen Wellness center, dogs can enjoy agility and exercise equipment, or a blissful massage.

The Wagington, Singapore

It’s tough lounging on a queen size human bed while listening to classical music or watching TV. When dogs need just a bit more to relax at this swanky Asian pet resort, they head to the in-house W Salon &Spa for a bath with high end finishing shampoos, crème rinses and botanical extracts. After a de-shed, a cut, nail trim or tooth brushing, pups can bask in a moisturizing Dead Sea Mud bath to detox and rejuvenate their skin. Then, it’s off to the bone-shaped pool for a swim and a towel dry, or a nap in a cabana. 

Urban Mutts, London, UK

Londoners again prove how much they love their pets with this furbulous daycare and overnight spot just a few minutes from the West End. Pups can come to play or train at Urban Mutts, or hit the spa for a basic grooming session, a teeth cleaning, a blueberry facial, or a paws and nose balm treatment. For even more health and relaxation benefits, they can try out a massage, acupuncture session or even some reiki.

No bones about it, you pup will be in heaven after this kind of pampering! The hardest part will be getting them to leave. 

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