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10 Smart Ways to Keep Your Dog from Destroying Your Christmas Tree



Many doggos can't resist attacking the family Christmas tree. Edible ornaments, shiny tinsel, and rustling branches make Christmas trees irresistible to some holiday hounds. Nobody wants to spend Christmas without a tree in their home, so how do you stop your dog from destroying your Christmas tree? Here are 10 tips on how to keep your Christmas tree canine-free. 

Buy an artificial Christmas tree

One of the best ways to dog-proof your Christmas tree and keep your pup safe at the same time is to purchase an artificial tree. Artificial trees tend to be harder to damage than real trees. Natural trees can also be a hazard to your dog. Your dog could swallow a needle that might get stuck in their throat or intestines. Many Christmas trees are also sprayed with preservatives to extend their life, which may be poisonous to your pooch.

closeup of a sparkly red ornament on a green artificial Christmas tree

Put a baby gate around your tree

A great way to stop your dog from destroying your Christmas tree is to put a barrier around it. An old baby gate is ideal for preventing your pesky pupper from launching an assault on your Christmas tree. If you don't want to put up the baby gate so you can appreciate your tree as much as possible, consider only using it when you're out of the house. This will stop your dog from destroying your Christmas tree when you're not around to stop them. 

Put your tree on a table out of reach

Another simple way to stop your dog from attacking your Christmas tree is to place it out of reach. Consider buying a smaller tree than usual, then put it on a high table or a Christmas tree stand so Fido can't reach it. While this may work for smaller dogs, chances are it won't work on your average Great Dane.

Make sure your tree is properly secured

One of the worst ways your dog can damage your Christmas tree is by knocking it over, ruining your decorations and scattering branches and needles all across your floor. To avoid this potential problem, ensure your tree is fully secured. Consider tying the tree to the wall with something strong like fishing line, or weigh down the base with something heavy to keep it standing when your woofer runs into it or starts chewing on the branches.

Avoid putting presents under your tree

Many dogs love chewing on paper, which can be a problem if you like to leave Christmas presents under your tree. Some excitable pups will wander over to the presents and start ripping them apart for a bit of fun. As a result, your doggo could knock over your tree and will almost certainly ruin your gifts. To avoid this scenario, consider only bringing out your Christmas presents on Christmas morning.

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a stack of red christmas presents tied with twine

Spray a deterrent on the tree

Tried everything and Bella still won't stop chewing on your Christmas tree? Try spraying the tree with a deterrent. There are a number of safe household items you can use, like diluted hot sauce or lemon juice. Lightly spray the base and branches with this deterrent, and your meddlesome mutt will think twice about chewing on your Christmas tree in the future. 

Put an alert system in place

If you have a sneaky Snoopy who will try to destroy your Christmas tree when you're not looking, you might want to put an alert system in place. Try tying festive jingle bells around the base of the tree so you'll be alerted if your fur-baby attempts to get too close. 

Avoid hanging any edible ornaments off the tree

Hanging baubles and edible treats like candy canes are sure to pique your pup's interest in your Christmas tree. Many hounds will try to chew and eat these ornaments, which is very dangerous for your mutt and will ruin your Christmas tree. Consider skipping these decorations altogether, or hang them high up the tree out of the reach of curious snouts.

brown dog watching while a person hangs ornaments on a decorated christmas tree

Firmly attach any decorations

If you have Christmas tree decorations that are liable to fall off or be easily removed, they may be gobbled up by your Christmas canine. To avoid such mishaps, consider firmly attaching any ornaments or decorations. You can either skip the likes of baubles altogether or use twist ties and string to attach these firmly to your tree. This way, even if your dog does pull on an ornament, it won't come off the tree.

Cover or secure light cords

One of the best Christmas tree decorations is Christmas lights. Unfortunately, some holiday hounds love to play with and chew on wires. Exposed Christmas lights are a hazard to dogs, as they could bite through the wire and get a shock. Additionally, they may pull hard on the wire, which could cause your tree to take a tumble. You can stop this from happening by covering the wire with a rug or tape it to the floor so it can't be chewed.

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