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13 Best Activities for a Quarantine Christmas with Dogs


Written by Emily Bayne

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Published: 12/15/2020, edited: 10/26/2022

Christmas in 2020 is bound to be different, but staying at home doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting! We’ve dug up 13 of the best activities to do with dogs during quarantine to ensure your Christmas is merry and bright!

Have a dance party

Crank up the tunes and let your fur down this Christmas with a doggy dance party. Dancing always gets dogs excited, and often they’ll join in right alongside you!

Watch animal videos together

When your regular streaming service has let you down for the last time, search for some dog or cat videos. Animal videos never get old, and your woofer will love seeing them on the big screen!

Learn magic tricks to bamboozle your dog

Wanna really impress your pooch? Learn some sleight of hand. Your pup will be mesmerized watching you make dog toys and treats appear out of thin air!

Go for a socially-distanced ride to see Christmas lights

If you (like most of us) are yearning for some normality, why not strap in and go for a ride to see Christmas lights? Car rides with your pack are totally safe and will lift your Christmas spirit to pre-COVID levels.

Make a still-life portrait of your dog

Artist dates are always a blast, and what better muse to choose than your floofer? Whether you’re a professional or can barely draw stick figures, still lifes are so much fun to create. The key to this activity is to have fun and not take things too seriously. So what if your drawing looks like a polar bear? It’s for you and your dog, and we promise Fido will be grateful for the attention either way.

Make a blanket fort

You’re never too old for a blanket fort, and neither are your fur-babies. Simply throw some blankets over your table or chairs, and bam — you have a fort! Bring some dog-friendly table foods and a tablet to cuddle and play games all night!

Online shop for new dog toys and donate the old ones

What better time to declutter your house than during quarantine? Instead of tossing all Fido’s old plushes and blankets, why not donate them to the shelter? Then, order some new toys online with Fido’s help. This activity is sure to add some feng shui to your abode!

Try out some new dog-friendly recipes

If you’re sick of baking quarantine bread, why not switch up your recipe for something more dog-friendly? We have tons of dog-friendly recipes for Christmas, including these ahhh-mazing cookie recipes that are tasty enough for humans!

Do doggy yoga

Yoga with dogs is a whole thing now, with studios dedicated entirely to this subgenre. Hitting the yoga studio during lockdowns is out of the question. Why not recreate some of those moves at home instead?

Scrapbook with your dog

Are you obsessed with taking cute pics of your dog? Well, this activity is for you. Scrapbooking is a fun and totally customizable activity. Plus, you’ll have a finished product that will last you a lifetime. Not only will this activity clear up your gradually diminishing phone space, but you’ll have a wonderful way to revisit your favorite moments.

Vlog with your dog

Still stumped on fun things to do at home? Why not create a vlog with your dog this quarantine Christmas? Besides being a fun way to keep your friends up-to-date on your goings-on, your vlog will be fun to look back on when things get back to normal.

Spa night

Pamper your pupper with a spa night. First, run them a bubble bath with dog soap. Then put paw ointment and socks on their paws to soothe those rough pads. While your pup is enjoying their paw masks, take a bubble bath yourself and do a face mask for the full spa experience. You can even take turns painting your nails and claws for a matching “pawdicure”.

Christmas movies

Feel like keeping things simple this Christmas? Enjoy some contactless takeout and watch festive movies while you grub. Lay down a blanket and eat picnic-style. Then, when you’re done, clean up and put out some soft pillows for cozy dog cuddles.

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