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3 Things You're Forgetting in Your Back to School Checklist


Written by Leslie Ingraham

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Published: 09/07/2021, edited: 09/07/2021

Going back to school is exciting, whether it's your first year or last. So much awaits, and sharing it with your doggo will make it an even richer experience! Many schools are now dog-furiendly and allow you to bring your pupper on campus with you. If you're living off-campus, even better! Just don't fur-get to remember your fur baby when you're packing up your stuff for your new home. 

While studies support the idea that a dog can have a pawsitive effect on a student’s well-being and success in college, taking your furry bestie along means that moving into the dorm or off-campus home can be more complicated. Making a separate “Fido List” list may be helpful. Read on for three things you may be forgetting in your back to school checklist!

#1. Medical records

If school is far enough from home that it would be inconvenient to travel back and forth with your doggo for routine, sick, or emergency veterinary visits, you’ll want to take along their medical records, including test results, x-rays and procedures to make treatment easier. Also, be sure they contain information about allergies and vaccinations. Your veterinarian at home will provide the records if you ask, but be sure to request them well in advance. Also keep a copy of your veterinarian’s name, phone number, fax number and email with Fido’s records.

Whether you are at school or home, you can always speak with a virtual veterinarian on the Wag! Ask a Vet web page, too!

#2. Pet insurance

If your fur-vorite canine buddy doesn’t already have health insurance, consider looking into purchasing some. Most students are living within a limited budget, and pet insurance can help pay for health necessities like emergency services, diagnostic exams and tests, and procedures like surgery and casts. To get started, shop around on Wag!’s pet insurance pages to compare insurance plans and find the one that’s best for you and your furry roommate.

Some dog-friendly schools may even insist on liability insurance. Even if they don't, it may be worth the money to get some. Your fur baby is going to be in an unfamiliar environment, meeting new people and maybe other doggos, and they may become stressed as a result. Their reliably friendly personality may change, so it's wise to be prepared for unforeseen scraps with other dogs, or some alarming behaviors toward humans. You may be advised or required to buy a policy that covers the school so that they can avoid deep-pocket liability in the event of an incident.

#3. Dog walking, sitting and boarding

College is a time to explore and engage in exciting new activities that will help define life's goals and paths. Students need the time to pursue these opportunities and also kick back during down time. They may be away from home for long periods while in class, unable to get back to take Fido out for a bathroom break. A professional who loves dogs can provide peace of mind in the knowledge that your pupper is being well taken care of in your absence. 

To make your life easier, Wag! offers dog walking services, overnight boarding and dog sitting to keep your dog safe and happy while you are away. Pet Caregivers with Wag! will take care of everything from daily walkies to medication administration, and can keep an eye on your dog during all nighters at the library, or a weekend trip away from campus. 

To find walkers, boarders, and dog sitters with Wag! simply search the site, where there are listings of fur-bulous Pet caregivers in many cities and towns. Who knows? There might even be a another dog-loving student dog walker with Wag! right on your campus!

It’s a big decision to take your dog to school with you, one with many paw-sitive results and just a few extra things to keep in mind. Consider some of the items above to help make college life more pleasant and fun with your best canine pal by your side.

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